Party Plates Wireless Technology Proposal

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While some customer think wireless technology is more convenience others may see it as security risks. Table one is an example of the type of wireless device available for small business used. The pros for utilizes of wireless network is to improve responsiveness, Increase mobility and collaboration, better access to information, easier network expansion, and enhance guest access. The cons for using wireless networks is what software to select base on the need, how to prevent the risks of systems breaks down, the cost in maintaining and upgrade of software and licensing, and the introduction of the new process.

Table One Party Plates must select a wireless network to meet the need and use of the technology. Depending on the need of the company, Party Plate can select from wide area network (WAN) to a wireless local area network (Walls). WAN can cover the whole entire company compound, an entire state, or national wide while Walls can on stretch several hundred feet. An example of a wireless WAN is a cell phone company like AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile which us wireless WAN service their customer by the use of SIMI Card or other chip inside the cell phone.

Party Plates must determine the type of connection, whether Point-to-Point (PAP) or multimillion (PUMP). Also, varies of connection type like licensed or unlicensed, digital or analog, nine-of-site or non-line-of-site, and simplex or half to full-duplex. Wireless network help improved responsiveness by allowing employees to connect to the information when needed while provide better customer services. Party Plates can use wireless network to increase mobility and collaboration by enable employees to roam without losing connection to the information database and help them work more effectively.

Using wireless device such as Beeline or Net gear wireless broadband as a wireless Lana, associates can connect hard to reach areas or mean of improve your processes. For example, a customer’s touring the warehouse to negotiate an order or Just to see Party Plates daily stock inventory to see if the company can provide adequate inventory to meet they need. While on the tour, the customers decide to place an order and if associate can process the order for them on the spot will gain an impress rather than have to wait to get back to the office.

Other advantage of wireless Lana is easier network expansion in helping quickly add users, and grow of the network without the expensive cost of run cables and wires. Also, wireless Lana can give secure network access to customer and business partners which is an add values and experiences while negotiating a sale. Other advantages are the ability to remain connected to other collaboration software which allowed to any associate to roam and hold teleconference with other when need.

The drawback to wireless technology is the security risks compare to a landlines server. Another drawback is that the use of the technology doesn’t always result in greatest efficiency because of the constant system breaks down. Many belief that if company depending on the technology and if system break down, the company process and production can hurt the company progress rather than help. But the most important of the use of the technology is the cost in maintaining the system and upkeep for the company.

A good technology system also required technician to troubleshoot the problem if system crack. The company also must maintain a significant level of protection against company database, such as Mallard, Sparer, and Firewall, which cost company money. The use of wireless technology pros and cons is showing above for the consideration. In our opinion, wireless technology is a must have for the company because it help open new process of improvement and more efficiency toward reduction and servicing the customers.

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