Paragraph Coherence

Paragraph Coherence/Unity
– Paragraphs build on one another
– Logical order
– Follow the flow of ideas
– Clear

– Every sentence makes sense in each paragraph
– A unified compositionhas apragraphs that are crucial to creating the thesis

– Every detail selected supports main idea
– In logical order
– No irrelavant or unnecssary sentences
– Transitions are clear

Four Types of Supporting Sentences
– Example: list samples of object stated in topic sentence
– Fact: varify; true statements of details
– Reasons: supporting sentences; gives persuasive justification for claim
-Steps: supporting sentences that give instructions in order

– Maintaining coherence in a pragraph requires logical, smooth, and natural flow from idea to idea

Five Types of Cohereing Sentences
– Chronological order: narrating a story
– Spatial Order: describing a scene or place
– Cause and Effect: explain findings
– Order of Importance: present facts, examples, reasons
– Classificaion: defining a subject

Against, Among, Beneath, Onto, Over, Under

After, Before, Finally, Then, Until, Throughout

Also, As, Like, Likewise, Similarly

But, Together, Yet, Even though

For this reason, To emphasize, Truly

To sum up, As a result, Therefore

Add Information
Equally Inportant, Moreover

To put it in another way

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