Paper on the round house

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This puts a strain on her relationship with her on, Joe. There are many signs showing that Joey’s and Grenadine’s relationship Is falling apart. For example Geraldine uses Joe as an outlet for her anger. She sometimes yells or comes off as defensive toward Joe. Geraldine once said to Joe “now you listen to me, Joe. You will not badger me or harass me. You will leave me to think the way I want to think. Here” (90). She tries to display dominance over what she considers hers and therefore gives herself a sense of control and security.

Most of their interactions is acetated by Geraldine and any form of contact requires her permission. For instance when Joe tries to get her to look at the garden she refuses to look. She instead “turned over, away from me” (87). Anything that Joe suggest is shot down and every action she takes is of her own choice. Because of this new attitude, Geraldine and Joe grow further apart. Even if Geraldine does end up getting confidence and forgiving herself, I feel that Joe will have lost all hope and trust in her. Either way, this mother- son relationship is doomed to end badly.

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