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Hanger College Management Principles Do you want a cafeĀ© in your community that genuinely cares about the people that surrounds their business? If so you would really enjoy Pander Bread in your neighborhood. Pander Bread has established a mission, vision and goals for their well-founded business. Pander is part of a movement that strives toward healthier living and eating. Pander has a commitment to their communities that they take very seriously; they donate their bread in to the community.

They also make money donations that were matched with customer donations to non-profit organizations in heir community. Pander has a variety of breads, soups, salads, drinks, bagels and sandwiches. Their bread is baked every day and is made by “real bakers” (Pander Bread Press Kit,2013). As Pander continues to provide excellent goods and services to their community, their community will assist them by giving them feedback which causes them to implement and adjust their strategic vision and that is how Pander stays aligned with their mission, vision and goals.

Isaiah and his business partners did analyze and plan. They focused on a fast paced cafeĀ© and desired a healthy America. The items that were on the menu were all very healthy. Targeting healthy foods increased business. As Isaiah and his business partners planned, analyzed and listened to their customer’s opinion that’s when they decided on the strategy for the cafeĀ©. They then decided they wanted a fast paced cafeĀ© along with the customers having the advantage to sit down and enjoy themselves while eating and or drinking their fresh products.

They began adding new items to their menu which increased their sales. Isaiah and his partners noticed the increase in business with all the new hangs and they decided to increase the amount of Pander Bread cafeĀ©’s. Pander began to grow and grow because of all of the successful decisions they made. Pander maintained their mission, vision and goals. They continued to provide the communities with healthy quality foods, an enjoyable and comfortable environment with strong successful employees.

Pander Bread also kept their promise of “giving back to the communities. “We show our appreciation for customers not only within our bakery-cafes but also throughout the communities we serve by sponsoring special events open to the neighborhood, participating in charitable events and takeovers are those individuals and companies that have directly invested in the company. The community is also known as shareholders because they have also contributed to the company.

Customers’ support Pander by taking surveys’ so that Pander can become more successful in the future. They also assist by suggesting various strategy ideas so that the company can implement new strategies for an improved outcome. Management then adopts the suggestions that they believe will benefit Pander. Pander Bread is a reputable company that cares about all the different people that support the company. Pander continues to make decisions that impact their business in a positive way.

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