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18th street pack coteries can be found in 120 Cities in 37 provinces. Particularly in the United States in California: San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, the South Bay, South Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, Pico Union etc. and Latino states such as Columbia every bit good as Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. On may besides propose that there are packs in some parts of Australia.


18th Street is considered the largest pack in Los Angeles, California. It is estimated that there are about 15.000 members in Los Angeles County entirely but there are no exact Numberss. There are about 200 separate single independent packs runing under the same label in the different countries mentioned above.

Cultural Beginning:

Although most members are have a Mexican background but the rank is unfastened to other backgrounds, including Cardinal American, Middle Eastern, Asian, African American and Caucasian. 18th Street pack has an organized hierarchy but it is unknown who is at the top. It was one of the first multiracial and multi cultural packs in Los Angeles


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18th Street pack started near the 18th territory called the Rampart District of Los Angeles. At first the street/district was controlled by the Clanton Street but since more and more Latino immigrated to the USA besides the figure of Latino packs increased. Those immature Latinos wanted to fall in the Clanton Street Gang but where rejected because Clanton accepted merely Mexican people. That ‘s why those adolescents formed the eighteenth street pack where ethnicity does n’t count. Some decided to back up the more constituted Clanton individuality, but Rocky Glover and a twelve other teens decided to became challengers against them. Rocky Glover was known for actively enrolling kids, aliens and others who non allowed in Clanton. Everyone had the chance to fall in so the eighteenth Street pack grew by spread outing its rank to other nationalities and races. But that was n’t ever the instance. In the beginning, they were made up mostly of second-generation Latino immigrants. As the 18th Street pack began to conflict with bigger and more established Latino packs, they tried to look outside of the Hispanic community for other members. In the last decennary, jobs increased ; hence plentifulness of foraies against known pack members were organized. This led to 100s of imprisonments across the state. Not all of the eighteenth Street packs around the state operate in peace, or even acquire along.el-espino-boys.jpg

Typical activities:

The 19th street pack is considered to be one of the most violent street packs and one of the most active in the United States. On norm, person in Los Angeles County is attacked by 18th street pack members every twenty-four hours. The pack has done about 250 slayings in the metropolis of Los Angeles in the last 10 years- which is so a high figure. 18th Street pack is good in all sorts of street-crime. Some members are for illustration involved in non-violent condemnable concerns such as making false designation cards, in-migration documents, recognition cards, coach base on ballss and even nutrient casts. One thing which besides characterizes the eighteenth Street pack members is the fact that their work has reached a high degree of organisation and edification in their work, in contrast to other packs. This is likely due to particular connexions to Mexican and Columbian drug trusts. Their chief beginning of income is the merchandising of cocaine and marihuana, slayings, murder-for-hire, assaults, fire elevation, drug trafficking, blackmailing, human trafficking, illegal in-migration, snatch, hooliganism, drug smuggling, people smuggling, harlotry, robbery. There are rumours that the 18th street pack was behind the snatch and slaying of the 16-year-old brother of internationally renowned Honduran association football participant Wilson Palacios.

Personal Remark:

During my work about packs and particularly about the eighteenth Street pack I learned tonss of new things. My sentiment on packs is the same as before. I am perfectly non in favour of their playing, behaviour, believing and everything that has something to make with this pack. Particularly their behaviour in order to acquire new and immature members disgusts me. I think that working kids is the most atrocious thing, one can make. Children demand, our aid, they need to be protected, experience save and receive love. What packs, and particularly the eighteenth street pack, do is working their failing and utilize it to make a high figure of members. I ca n’t image how atrocious a life must hold been that person is able to scare kids in this manner and to force them to make such atrocious things as larceny, killing, drug covering etc. Notwithstanding I convict of class besides adult gang members. Even though one had a difficult and unsmooth childhood this is n’t an alibi for being in a pack and aching other people.

All these issues lead to an overall tenseness. Particularly immature people, populating in instead hapless fortunes feel incapacitated and have about no possibilities to populate a normal life. Because of those fortunes and jobs, a batch of people populating in El Salvador autumn into inordinate intoxicant or drug ingestion. They start to exhibit aggressive behaviour which hurt themselves and particularly their household. So a batch of kids get abandoned from their ain household and fall in their 2nd household, the street packs.

A 16 twelvemonth old Salvadorian male child, who became member of the eighteenth Street pack, explained that he had n’t got another opportunity as to fall in the pack. His female parent left El Salvador when he was a babe to happen work in the USA. She found a occupation as a cleansing adult female and left him with his older brother entirely in El Salvador. The older brother used to wager him, shriek and cry at him every twenty-four hours. So he decided to go forth his place and lived in the streets until a member of the eighteenth Street pack offered him to fall in. The pack is his new household. He said that every pack member respect the other, they take attention, trust and love each other like a household. He belongs to the eighteenth street pack and person attentions if he is sad or necessitate aid non comparable to his existent household.

He said that he still loves his female parent, because she is the adult female who gave birth to him, but he besides loves the pack. He claimed that those feelings are different, and that he loves the pack more than his female parent. He explains that when he needed his female parent, she was n’t at that place for him, but when he needed the pack, they were all there for him.


The 18ths street pack has a hierarchal construction but it is unknown who is on the top. It is a fact that the pack members must follow rigorous regulations.


If members do n’t lodge to the word of a pack leader, or do n’t demo proper regard to gang member, they have to stand an 18-second whipping, or even more serious discourtesies. “ If you defeat yourself, we will hit you in the face ” are words which are frequently spoken before the debut rite which consist of an 18 2nd whipping of the new member.


The chief symbol for the 18th Street pack is of class the figure 18. The figure can be found on their vesture and featuring vesture from athleticss squads such as the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers. 18th Street use the symbols XV3 ( =18 ) , XVIII ( =18 ) , 666 ( =number of the Satan and 18 ) , 99 ( =18 ) , and 3-dots in their graffito and tattoos. Particularly in El Salvador it is common for members of the pack to be tattooed with a big “ 18 ” on their brows or above their superciliums. In many instances the tattoo covers the full face. 18th Street colourss are black and bluish. Blue symbolizes old members in Southern California, and black is to stand for the original colour for the pack. The presence of the eighteenth Street pack in a new country is largely discovered by their graffiti work. Normally their symbols M18 or merely 18 appear.

Apparels, colourss etc. :

As I mentioned before 18th Street pack members wear many types of clothing.A The colourss most frequently seen are bluish or black. Some 18th Street pack members besides wear dressing from professional athleticss teams.A In general it is better to dress up decently so the members do n’t pull attending.

Another ground why the 18th Street pack is so unsafe is the fact that some coteries have entree to their ain armory of weapons.A Therefore, possible brushs could be really unsafe. Some of the members in Los Angeles have even an entree to automatic arms. It is common for 18th Street gang members to be armed with.25 and.380 caliber pistols, so cautiousness should be used during field contacts.A Those facts support the image of the eighteenth Street pack being highly violent and ruthless. Some coteries of 18th Street seem to be germinating to a higher degree of edification and organization.A Law enforcement projections indicate that 18th Street pack rank will go on to turn, particularly outside of California as new drug markets are established.A The pack ‘s leaning for force is besides expected to increase.

Reasons for going a gang member:

The 18th Street pack is sometimes called the “ Children ‘s Army ” because they frequently have besides simple and middle-school elderly kids in their pack. The pack is specialized to present those childs every bit early as possible to the rigorous regulations of the pack. They told those immature members, that go forthing the pack will ensue in their decease or the deceases of their loved 1s. This ways of act uponing kids is really profound and sort of guarantee the rank.

In an interview with a condemnable justness professional and a female parent, whose boy got arrested, the female parent pointed out that: “ A foreman from 18th Street calls my boy and tells him what to make. Los Angeles pack members are non like other pack members. The Los Angeles pack members are more pitiless, perpetrate more slayings, cover more drugs. ”

Her boy told his probation officer: “ I can non avoid associations with other eighteenth Street pack members because they call me all the clip, and if I do n’t travel with them, they will state I am a ranker. There are regulations you have to follow. There is merely one manner out, and that ‘s in a organic structure bag. ”

The chief grounds for many juveniles to go a gang member of the eighteenth Street pack are the battles and jobs they have to cover with in their mundane life. If I take El Salvador as an illustration: El Salvador has one of the highest offense and slaying rates in the whole word. The difference between the rich and the hapless 1s are really immense. Most of the kids leave school in the age of 6 old ages and the Government tends to be corrupt.

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