Palestinian Refugee Womens Rights Sociology Essay Essay

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My research will turn to the issue of Palestinian refugee adult females ‘s rights and the mechanisms to better their life conditions to decide struggle in order to advance peace and contribute to peace edifice within the Palestinian Society. Palestinian adult females are peace builders through positive transmittal of values. In order to advance peace in the Palestinian districts, it is necessary for refugee adult females to hold entree to their rights and demands, such as entree to wellness, work, and instruction to heighten their cognition and accomplishments. As per UNRWA ‘s definition to Palestine refugees, they are those whose normal topographic point of abode was Palestine between 1946 and 1948, and who lost both their places and agencies of support as a consequence of the 1948 Arab-Israeli struggle.


The entire figure of Palestinian refugee adult females is estimated to be two and a half million adult females, which represents half of the figure of Palestinian refugees ; who reside in 59 cantonments within the boundary lines of the West Bank and Gaza once and for all and beyond. In add-on to the Palestinian displaced inside the Green Line ; those who were forced to emigrate along with their households forcibly from their small towns. Womans, together with their opposite numbers from the refugee cantonments in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Syrian cantonments, represent 49 % of the refugee population. In Lebanon, Palestinian refugees are about 58 % ; this is due to the instability of uninterrupted male migration in which took topographic point in phases ; and the lifting Numberss of sufferer in the Israeli wars, civil wars and sectarian in Lebanon. In Jordan, refugees constitute the proportion of approximately 48 % of the entire population of Palestinian refugees in cantonments in Jordan entirely ; where the refugees populating outside cantonments in Jordan are about 60 % of all Palestinian refugees in Jordan ( Nazzal 2006, p. 8 ) . UNRWA ( 2010 ) statistics shows that there are 19 official cantonments in the West Bank, and merely 8 in Gaza Strip. Besides, there are 197,763 registered refugees in cantonments in the West Bank compared to 502,747 in Gaza Strip.

Palestinian Refugee Women:

Palestinian refugee adult females suffer is linked closely to the conditions of uprooting and supplanting of their land. This agony has non abated creaking after 62 old ages of the refugee catastrophe ; even if the land they hold is an built-in portion of the of historical Palestinian land, and is portion of their national, political and cultural individuality. The topographic point of beginning for adult females in peculiar is linked to accomplishing fiscal stableness and emotional support ; and one of the beginnings of giving, communicating and balance. Displacement and battle in disaffection and expatriate community means mortifying supplanting and distance at the human-centered degree, and means the business of the fatherland and the loss of sovereignty bounds to the societal, logistical and democratic battle.

Human and populating agony is the common denominator of refugee adult females in all topographic points of their presence, peculiarly in the cantonments. Possibly the life conditions and life of adult females in the cantonments of the Gaza Strip and Lebanon is the most terrible and wretchedness from those in the cantonments of Syria and Jordan without diping the life conditions and life of the Palestinians. On the other manus, the life conditions in all refugee cantonments abroad differ from those in the cantonments of the West Bank and Gaza Strip ; because of the presence of the business. This adds enduring on the lives of refugee adult females as they live stat mis off from their places ; with the consideration of the available borders on the ability of refugee adult females in cantonments on the accomplishment of net incomes related to dimensions and demands of democratic battle ( Nazzal 2006, p. 8 ) .

Refugee Women and Struggle:

Inside and outside the cantonments ( at place and abroad ) , Palestinian adult females in general, and refugee adult females in peculiar, showed a alone and outstanding opposition. Women participated in a well-deserved and in all phases and signifiers of Palestinian battle side by side with work forces and were present in all the rebellions and revolutions. Woman ‘s heroic presence contributed to beef up their community function, which has enabled her to interrupt as a signifier of traditional dealingss. Women ‘s function was no longer limited to the traditional family responsibilities, but has expanded their functions to impact the activist, political, military, rational and originative sphere. In this context, came a long list of Palestinian refugee adult females who were originative in the procedure of opposition, and those who had been martyrs, or captives or had been arrested.

Since the late 1970ss of the last century, refugee adult females have participated in an active function in the constitution of adult females executives, brotherhood action commissions, Union of Women ‘s Committees, Union of Women Committees for Social Work, and commissions of Palestinian adult females. Besides, refugee adult females played a cardinal function in the protection of the Palestinian civilization ( Hamam 2006, p. 5 ) .

Refugee Women and Social Conflict:

Womans early engagement in battle does non intend deciding all its societal personal businesss and battle to the fullest. Women inside cantonments, and despite the developments and fortunes that occurred in the construction of society in the cantonments, world remains with multiple phenomena rending and environing adult female ‘s rights and sometimes shadowing her function from a traditional deficient position. Social inheriting was portion of what has n’t facilitated the procedure of adult females ‘s ownership of freedom and leading of her fate, but enhances the constructs of favoritism against adult females. At the same clip, refugee adult females, because of their consciousness of the struggle precedences, had cardinal functions in keeping the Palestinian societal heritage and cultural position of the Palestinian people. Because of the consciousness of the struggle precedences, there was non pick for refugee adult females but to supply the political docket of her work within the commissions and the active models in the refugee community at the disbursal of the societal docket. Liberalization, opposition, the constitution of the province, the return of refugees and self finding and the release of Jerusalem were all major ends that weakened the claims of equality and adult females ‘s rights. Liberalization was the prima manner to more freedom and societal equality between work forces and adult females.

The falling of political act of all political groups within the refugee community after the twelvemonth 1993, caused to withdraw the functions of refugee adult females in the overall facets of political, civil, economic, societal and cultural development. All those facets bring more societal favoritism and inequality. Refugee adult females inside and outside refugee cantonments suffer from eviction and force that affect their mental and physical wellness. What increases the agony of refugee adult females are the societal and wellness conditions, poorness and unemployment within the cantonments. Besides, the apartheid wall and its impacts on the economic system, and near the labour markets had a function every bit good ( Hamam 2006, p. 5 ) .

World refugees, including Palestinian adult females refugee, suffer from favoritism that they may confront in the countries associating to instruction, wellness, security and physical safety, engagement in decision-making and peace-building, and chances to develop accomplishments and cognition ( Abu Awwad 2006, p. 16 ) .

The Right of Access to Health Care:

Womans have the right to bask a high grade of wellness criterions. Adequate nutrition, safe imbibing H2O, environmental conditions, wellness, lodging and basic wellness services are considered cardinal constituents of an equal criterion of life for the development and growing of adult females either physically, mentally, spiritually, morally and socially. Although the wellness position of adult females has improved significantly over the past decennaries, but their development still suffers from restraints in some countries. Despite the fact that the potency of refugees in entree to wellness services of the populace sector that are provided by the host states in the part are varied excessively, UN Relief and Works Agency ( UNRWA ) remains the primary supplier of wellness attention among Palestinian refugees. Health Relief Agency covers basic wellness attention, nutrient and nutrition aid, and environmental wellness in refugee cantonments. Sequence of medical engineering and proviso of new interventions reflects as a response to emerging demands, agencies of bar and concentrate on battling certain diseases. All this reflects the turning realisation of the Palestinian refugee adult females ‘s right to bask the highest come-at-able criterion of wellness.

Harmonizing to refugee adult females, both in the host states or in the occupied Palestinian districts, they are subjected to persecution in different signifiers. About 52 % of refugee adult females are subjected to psychological subjugation, while 10 % are subjected to sexual subjugation, whereas 24 % had been subjected to physical persecution by their hubbies. The degree of force that refugee adult females experience decreases with the addition of the educational degree ( Bina 2006, p. 14 ) .

UNRWA for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East:

UNRWA has several programmes that are in advancement. Those programmes are provided to supply Palestinian refugee adult females with good life criterions and conditions. Those programmes are as follows ;


One of the major ends is to supply refugees with cognition and accomplishments

required through the cosmopolitan primary instruction. This is in line with their committedness to human development of refugees and the 2nd aim of the Millennium Development Goals. UNRWA is committed to supply instruction with quality and high content based on the international standards and good patterns.

Health plan:

UNRWA provides basic wellness services, which is in charge of providing a healthy and good populating atmosphere for Palestinian refugees, and governed by the Millennium Development Goals for wellness and World Health Organization criterions.

The ultimate end of UNRWA is to ease a longer and healthy life for refugees through:

Guaranting cosmopolitan entree to comprehensive quality services.

Disease bar and control.

Protect and promote household wellness.

Relief and Social Services:

UNRWA ‘s societal services address some of the socio-economic demands of the community ‘s most destitute Palestinian refugees. It besides works to beef up community work that enables refugee adult females who are jeopardized to put on the line in peculiar, to go more autonomous. In peculiar, the plan works to turn to the demands of refugee adult females through its little loaning plan that is run by community-based organisations. In 2009, approximately more than 76,000 refugee adult females benefited from the bureau work that strengthens their function and engagement ( UNRWA 2010 ) .

The tabular array holla shows all elaborate statistics about refugees, Agency installings, and budget for every programme in the occupied Palestinian district.

Beginning: UNRWA in Figures, January 2010

Palestinian Women Security:

Palestinian adult females and misss observation to security is effected by the political state of affairs in the occupied Palestinian districts. The grounds that largely increased the sense of insecure for Palestinians are the cultural, societal, economical and geographical divisions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. These divisions affect adult females and misss exactly. Therefore, adult females related their insecurity to the Israeli business.

Violence originated by the Israeli business is a beginning of insecurity and volatility. Israel ‘s Operation Cast Lead, conducted during the struggle between the Palestinians and Israeli left adult females with feelings of insecurity and weakness, in add-on to being traumatized and experiencing largely vulnerable. Additionally to the military operations performed by the Israelis, Palestinian adult females besides consider checkpoints and the presence of Israeli colonists, as major beginnings of insecurity, therefore, inability to accomplish security ( Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces 2010, p. 18 ) .

In 2009, the overall unemployment rate for Palestinian adult females reached 29.8 % . Refugee adult females experienced greater degrees of unemployment ( 38.7 % ) compared to non-refugee adult females ( 23.9 % ) ( Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces 2010, p. 25 ) . In which could be one of the causes for non advancing adult females ‘s ability and dependance for achieving security and peace.

The practical demands of adult females in refugees require basic physical demands such as healthy nutrient and primary wellness attention. As for the strategic demands of refugee adult females, they should include the capacity-building indispensable to supply them with sustainable accomplishments to ease their entree to gettable resources, services and right to those resources and services. Refugee adult females ‘s rights, every bit good as their rights to protection from all sorts of force, ill-treatment, development and entree to societal justness ; adult females ‘s dynamic engagement in all decision-making procedures including resettlement, return and peace-building procedures are considered strategic demands of adult females ( UN High Commissioner for Refugees 1998 ) .


In my position, adult females ‘s security within the refugee cantonments is indispensable to guarantee their future part to peace. The society ‘s security is mirrored by adult females ‘s security and the provinces ‘ security is linked to the security of its civilians including adult females. Equally long as there is no struggle, regard and protection to adult females without favoritism to their rights, this will reflect straight on the society itself. Therefore, in an indirect manner, if adult females feel secured, so their part would be indispensable to construct a peaceable province for following coevals of adult females. Refugee cantonments are characterized by a high mass of population, poorness, limited entree to services and instruction, in add-on to the restriction of freedom, in which might restrict adult females ‘s achievability to the needed accomplishments and cognition for advancing peace. I believe that puting more in adult females by back uping their activities for peaceable declaration of struggle and their attempts in the way of forestalling struggle and peace edifice, would demo its result in the long term. Therefore, concentrating on adult females ‘s instruction and wellness, in add-on to advancing their engagement in peace-building activities, is a prudent investing for forestalling any sort of violent struggles.

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