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Hello, Perhaps if I can start by saying that what’s most important for me is to hear what’s brought you to counseling now, but, what that we need a bit of time in this session first to talk about how we’ll work together. Each session is 50 minutes and is on a weekly basis. So it will be the same place and at the same time. This space is your time to talk about whatever is important to you. Whatever is said in our sessions is non judgmental and confidential to the Centre. There are certain legal and ethical limits but if I felt there was any risk, e would talk about that.

Each session is E?? And this is paid every week at the beginning of the session in cash or by cheese. There is no timescale to our sessions in that they are open ended so We can meet every week for as long as you feel you want to or need to. Any missed sessions need to be paid for although you do have the ability to take 2 weeks break and they don’t have to be paid for although these dates have to be discussed in advance so as much notice as possible and of course, if take a break, I will give you as much notice as possible.

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