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It can be seen that people use packaging for a long time. They apply It as the container. However, the packaging has been Improved continuously In many ways to support the people in each period. For example, in the past, people used the glass to preserve food before they has developed the metal can to use instead. 1. 1 The importance of packaging in the past In the ancient time, people use the packaging in the dairy life for storing or preserving the food, protection and security. The packaging played the role as the faceless In life.

Achieved, 2013) until eighteenth century, the people and manufacturer became realized In the appearance of the packaging as the opportunity of promoting. They did by packaging the product in colorful containers which provided a platform for recognition of their brands, promoting the benefits of their products and catching the attention of the consumer at the point of sale. At that time, there were many companies ,which use this strategy, such as Arm & Hammer, Men, Aunt Jaime, Gillette, Budweiser, Heinz, Campbell, Ralston and Nestle.

It was surprisingly that these companies can operate the business until now. After the world war II period, the packaging was adapted to the modern lifestyle. Since the dual income was happened, the demand in do-it-yourself product to make them do the work easily increased. Various products and product categories required new packaging forms, materials and visual concepts so that they can address different consumer audiences and consumer needs. So this can imply that the packaging make people’s life be easier. Mayer and Germans, 2005) 1. 2 The Importance of packaging In the present Nowadays, the packaging does not only become a part of our life but also an important part in the business. The packaging makes the people be convenient in many ways such as transportation the product, communication the product information. In term of business, the packaging can help in increasing the chance of selling at the purchasing point. In term of marketing, packaging acts as the communication vehicle for communication with the customer.

In this point of view, the product appearance can encourage the consumer to purchase It because It provides much of information, such as expire date, bar code, manufacture date, nutrition, method to use, qualification, quantity, which are benefit in every part of equines and make the business can run faster. (Burke et al, 2001) 2. PACKAGING AND CUSTOMER DECISION In the marketing point, packaging plays a role as a medium In the marketing mix, In promotion campaigns, as a pricing criterion, In defining the character of new products, as a setter of trends and instrument to create brand identity and shelf impact in every product groups.

However, making the packaging magnetite the customer, there are 2 variables that affect to the customer consideration, which are dependent and independent variables. (Delay and Appear, 2012) 2. 1 Dependent arable marketing, the product appearance can encourage the consumer to purchase it. (Burke et al, 2001) It can be classified in the attention to the brand, the brand choice, the level of experiential benefits and the brand familiarity. The attention to the brand The attention to the brand is the impact of package pictures on the customer.

It can increase the attention too brand and opportunity to be bought. However, Burke, Klein and Underworld (2001) suggested, that the customer will be attracted the picture of individual product which is not accustomed brand. Moreover, consumers o not use picture to evaluative cue. The packaging picture affects the brand beliefs but not too much to change the decision of purchaser. (Burke et al, 2001) The brand choice The brand choice is the selection of the brand in the purchasing point. The customer tends to choose to buy the brand which they know.

It is obviously that the customers use the brand to make a decision because most of them gain a good experience from that brand. (Brown, 1950) In term of packaging, the researcher argued that the appearance of packaging can make the brand catch the customer’s eyes although it is he unknown brand. However, the customers have tendency to buy the brand that they recognize. (Burke et al, 2001) The level of experiential benefits Experiential benefits are those which meet consumer need for sensory pleasure, variety and cognitive stimulation (Keller, 1993 cited in Burke et al, 2001).

If the level of the experiential benefits is high, it means the customer satisfy in this product and tends to purchase the product again. (Burke et al, 2001) The packaging is the one factor that can help the customers to reach the high level of experiential benefits cause it can make the product have more function which is appropriate with the user. Furthermore, it can add the value to the product. The brand familiarity The brand familiarity is the awareness which consumers have in a particular brand. It will happen when the customers often hear, see or use that product.

They will be familiar with the brand and trust in that brand. For example, in Thailand, there was a new product, they used the advertisement to in the popular media until people believe in this product and be their customer. The package image can gain attention or the brand at point of purchase which concerned to the familiarity brands. In case that customer does not familiar with the product, they will use the picture on the package for making their decision. It can be described that the consumer uses extrinsic cues to consider it.

On the other hand, the categories of brand offered higher levels of experiential benefits such as candy, bacon, etc. In this case, the experiential benefit plays a more important factor than the picture. (Burke et al, 2001) 2. 2 The independent variable The independent variables consist of packaging color, background Image, packaging eternal, font style, design of wrapper, printed information and innovation. (Delay and Appear, 2012) Packaging color Color plays an important role in a potential customer’s decision making process, certain colors set different moods and can attract customer to attend on the product. Delay and Appear, 2012) Moreover, it is associative, reactions to one’s experiences. Product. (Sterling, 2012) For example, the using of color psychology in the Apple pod advertisements, they use simple trim tone color schemes of black, white and a bright background color. The bright background color is to give the advertisement a UN feel and the contrasting white on black is to focus attention. (Delay and Appear, 2012) Background-image The background image property specifies the background image for an element.

When setting a background image, the designer should specify a background color property that will be used when the image is unavailable. Note also that when the image is available, it is rendered on top of the background color. Thus, in any transparent areas of the image, the background color will be visible. (Delay and Appear, 2012) Packaging Material The material is the one of important part of packaging. It can attract the customer, indicate the position of brand, increase value of product and improve performance and functionality.

For example, the product which use the paper board to be the packaging does not only because it is functional and cost-effective but also place the position in the brand as environmental conservation. Beside, the customer will feel good when they use this brand (Chuckle and Crossover, 2012). Thus packaging material have strong have with buying behavior. (Delay and Appear, 2012) Font Style The font style of Packaging can grab customer attraction. It makes the packaging be outstanding and shows the target group of product.

Some company hires specialist to create mind blowing and attractive font styles. The attractive package has innovative font style. So it can be said that there is relation between font style and buying behavior. (Delay and Appear, 2012) Design of wrapper The overall design plays a vital role in attracting the consumer. Many companies try to create attractive design of packaging year which are so sensitive to the wrapper design. For example, the company who sells the children stuff must take an interest n the wrapper because it cannot only make customer feel safety but also appeal them to buy it. Delay and Appear, 2012) Printed Information The purpose of container or wrapper of the product is protection and description of the contents, theft deterrence, and product promotion. The labels on packages are important components of the overall marketing mix, can support advertising claims, establish brand identity, enhance name recognition and optimize shelf space allocations. The consumer can change the decision on the basis of information printed on the packaging. In particular, merchandises and daily FMC (Fast Moving

Consumer Goods) that the consumer can perform evaluation on the basis of printed information. (Delay and Appear, 2012) Innovation Innovative packaging may actually add value to the product if it meets a consumer need such as portion control, respectability, easy-open, easy-store, easy-carry, and non permeability. Manufacturers today strive to have packaging that maintains the key equities of the brand, has stand out appeal on the retailer’s shelf, and is sustainable innovative packaging.

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