Over diagnosis of Bipolar

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Infection they give antibiotics. If you have a cut, they stitch you up. Broken leg, they set It In a cast and limit the use of the extremity until It has healed. People seek out a physician’s expertise for many ailments, and it is sought after more when it comes to one’s child. Diagnosing colds, flu and typical childhood diseases are second nature for doctors. What about psychological disorders, in particular the diagnosing of bipolar disorder in teenagers. The number of adolescence being diagnosed with bipolar has Increased at an astonishing rate of 40-fold in the past decade (Dry.

Mark Zimmerman, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior). While there Is validity In a small percentage, there is an alarming amount of misdiagnosis. As a high-paced tech sway society, we want answers and quick fixes now. There is a long involved and in-depth strategic process to properly diagnose bipolar disorder. Doctors start with a routine physical, lab work, they may want the patient to do mood charting and go through a psychiatric evaluation.

This process could take several months to evaluate and come too conclusive decision. However, when a youth Is rushed through the system and placed on antidepressants, anticonvulsant

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and antispasmodic medicine, there can be severe adverse reactions. The most common pills prescribed for bipolar in teens are lithium, Depredate, Laminate, Approach, Airspeeds and Ability. The side effects from these medications range from lethargy, mood swings, dizziness, diarrhea, rashes, increased risk of suicidal thoughts and the possibility of lithium poisoning.

On top of all the negative side effects the FDA warns, although rare, long-term use of antispasmodics may lead to a condition called tardier designedly_ This condition causes uncontrollable muscle movements to the mouth. Tardier duskiness can range from mild to severe and could be permanent (National Institute of Mental Health). These are the reality of what those drugs do to anyone that is prescribed those medications. Most people give them to their children because the doctor says this will help the child and the arena can go home satisfying their ego of having a written document of diagnosis.

We give teenagers the title of “young adults”, expecting them to act how society thinks a well-rounded model should act. Wanting them to feel Important and grow into smart and responsible adults. But, they are still just that, young. Their brains are still developing and nowadays we are putting far more pressure and expectations, academically and socially on them than ever before (Psychiatric Times). Especially for young females, going through hormonal changes to become fertile can e overwhelming.

With a lack of learning to cope with situations; It should not come as a surprise that teens are more stressed, agitated, mood swings and exude symptoms of depression. Does this automatically classify them as being bipolar, most certainly does not. It is frightening when looking at all the negative effects misdiagnosing can cause. Who is to blame for the disturbing rate of teens with bipolar disorder? The parent or parents who want to have a “normal” child. The doctor, who Is being rushed by a family to give them piece of mind with an explanation to why their precious offspring Is acting out.

A doctor who Is having and error to see what works. Could insurance companies be partially blamed due to the limitations of allowable coverage’s? There are many factors to take into account. However, parents should inform themselves on the disorder and demand that every avenue be explored before going down that path of psychotropic drugs. Knowledge is power and if more people take the time and seek out alternatives, maybe then there can be a decrease in the number of misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder in teenagers

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