Outsiders Vocab #2

Term Definition
Disseminate (verb)- to spread; to circulate
Sordid (adjective)- filthy; morally degraded
Cynicism (noun)- (usually scornful) doubtfulness; sneering
Proffer (verb)- to offer; to present (usually humbly)
Interpolate (verb)- to insert; to interject
Renege (verb)- to default; to retract
Turgid (adjective)- swollen; polluted
Blatant (adjective)- flagrant; conspicuously offensive
Ruminate (verb)- to meditate; to contemplate
Amuck (adjective)- frenzied; berserk
Intractable (adjective)- uncooperative; disobedient
Sunder (verb)- to separate; to divide
Ubiquitous (adjective)- omnipresent: everywhere at the same time.
Preclude (verb)- to prevent; to hinder
Cryptic (adjective)-mysterious; secretive
Flag (verb)- to droop; to become weak

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