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Look at her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see: She has deceived her father, and may thee. ” Othello is a play written by Shakespeare that presents a gendered society in which women are inferior to men. Unmarried women are regarded as their fathers’ property, while when married, continuously have allegations made towards them due to the jealousy of their husbands. The women in Othello end up betraying their husbands, without actually being at fault. In Othello, women are always assumed as promiscuous while the men are shown as heroic, but are both victims in this endured society.

Gender roles and the way the gendered society Is set up Is a prominent issue displayed throughout Othello. Often throughout Othello, women are displayed as promiscuous, whore’s, and liars. “They let God see things they wouldn’t show their husbands. They don’t avoid doing things that are wrong; they Just try not to get caught. ” Men In Othello are very conniving. They’re Jealousy brings out a very persuasive, lying side of them. For instance, Abrogation suggests to Othello that since Desman went against her father by marrying him, she could go against him as well.

It’s clear that what Barbarian Is saying Is Just due to the fact no one wants Desman and Othello together. More than half the assumptions made towards women are Lies or Just insecurities due to the men’s Jealousy. Women in Othello are victimized throughout. Men in Othello come off very abusive. The way men speak to women is very unacceptable. They’re verbally abusive towards their wives and daughters. Adhesion’s father basically disowns her when he found out she was married to Othello. He bashes and slanders her, not just in front of her, but Othello and many there.

Ago is steadily telling lies about Desman to Othello, damaging her credibility to her husband. These lies are eating at Othello. He loves his wife, but is being tortured by Jealous men who want Desman to their selves. All women are seen as promiscuous in this society, and it is Just assumed that they will all cheat on their husbands. Men are also victims In this society. Othello, a war hero, is overcome with emotions due to the Lies he’s being told about his wife. Othello becomes insecure and truly believes his wife is cheating on him.

Othello is bothered so much, he results to the worst thing possible: killing his wife. Cassia is also being victimized by Ago. While Ago tells Othello that Cassia and Desman are having an affair, it is also damaging Cassis credibility as a man, making Othello lose respect for him as well, Cassia Is also being victimized when he Is almost killed by Ago and Ordering. It’s clear he didn’t do anything wrong, but is still being ill-treated. As you can see this gendered society victimizes both men and women, although women receive it more.

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