Othello Notes

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Othello: Honorable Charismatic *Experienced Respectful/respected Brave Naive Cassia: Florentine: “other” Respectful Young Driven and motivated Ordering: Tool/douche Climax: heightened tension; 0 Falling action 0 Resolution: denouement; Fool/Clown: their the honest ones; they tell the truth; Just like “Honest Ago’ Aristotle Unities. Cuckold: typically an older man, to wear horns; Emilie is going to give it to her husband; he is mean to her. She is the obedient wife; she’s not the brightest but she is nicer than he is. Breakdown at the social higher- arch;

Bianca: Cassia’s lover; Bianca is basically a sex slave; She lives at the where house & he visits frequently; Bianca loves him but there more to it. Cassia is now going to visit someone else at the prostitute house; Aristotle Unities: A) unity of time B) unity of events/action 0 shouldn’t be a bunch of subplots C) unity of place 0 Venice, Cyprus, etc. Cassia sees Ago and Desman talking, he tells Othello he is going to question his relationship with Desman. It could easily be before because of the messenger. Othello and Desman have only been married a couple of days since living in Cyprus.

Chastity virgin at marriage. Very crucial so you know

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that their children are actually theirs. To see that their line has passed on. If a woman is not pure, then she is really looked down upon. Ladylove: Venice 0 family, culture, rules, society, laws, proper behavior Cyprus 0 Othello, Desman, Ago, Emilie, & Cassia In Cyprus: The Turks, lawlessness, other, outside of acceptable society; drunkenness fighting. Ago does not care about his wife or Desman. Why does he hate Othello? He in envious. He hates him. Love- homoerotic: tension between 2 male characters. Othello 0 Ago feels other to him;

What will happen in Act 5?! Abortion 0 who cares, Ago 0 dies, Emilie 0 Ago will kill, Cassia 0 Ago will try to kill, Roding 0 Ago kills, died;, Othello 0 dies, Desman 0 dies. Other names for Othello: -“The Tragedy of Desman” or “Ago’, or “Othello”. Othello begins 0 happy, noteworthy (worthy or respect), level headed, noble/honorable, successful. Insecurity, propensity for suspicion and Jealousy. Othello ends 0 emotional/upset, irrational, not level headed, ruled by emotion, and dead. Weaknesses impressionable, other; insecurity because of the otherness. Fear; not thinking.

Pride; e is embarrassed how it has made him look. He said that he had been made a fool. Who was left to tell the story?? Answer: Cassia. Not guilty of anything; maybe a little but gullible. Being with a prostitute at this time was not really problematic. Desman 0 innocence-?questionable. Pretty sexual conversations that took place; she’s romantic. Died from even being completely innocent; she is so innocent. Frustrating that he kills her when she really has no idea why. Othello= tool. The scene is strange when he kills Desman-?he wakes her up and then smothers her. Ago is supposed to represent “EVIL”.

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