Othello as a Victim

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In the play “Othello” by William Shakespeare, Othello seems to be a victim of society. It would seem that Iago just plays on the very easily irritable nature of this figure. Othello seams very innocent in all the workings of the mayhem and very distant from the truth as well. He is almost lost as a child might be lost at their parents cocktail parties. As a child might loose their temper when frustrated so does Othello. He even goes as far as telling Iago he would “tear her to messes. ” Othello’s ego is so fragile due to his shaky faith in his wives faithfulness, that all of Iago’s tormenting works to a tee.

All of Desdemona’s gentleness was easily turned to flirtatious teasing with the flit of an unsuspecting Othello. Othello’s quick action without truly thinking about the consequences ends in the murder of his ever faithful wife Desdemona. Othello acts as a child might, had a favorite toy been taken away or a play spot intruded upon. Othello does first, and then thinks later. Even in the end when Desdemona does surly she try to prove herself innocent, he rashly hushes her and denies to listen to her plea.

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Although Othello does have the evil side and the gall to kill his innocent wife, it was all a matter of insanity on his part.

Do we not when asked a thousand times if we will fail, in the end fail. Does a gullible child not fall the erroneous story. Othello plays the child well in this play and thus his actions are just. Othello is a simple minded infant in the complexity of thought. Because Othello is so childlike in his actions and thoughts he became a victim to the taunting of Iago. Othello was easily a controlled by Iago and his teasing. A child is very gullible this is what Othello became. Uninformed on all the facts Othello made his action. His naive childlike behavior merits him to be credited as a victim to his own ancient Iago.

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