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Though we have those certain organisms, which have had a specific NNE Implemented into them from a certain animal, plant or Insect, we still have to have a backbone In which we can actually add that gene towards. For example, we have things such as the Infamous ‘Grapple’, known for being a cross between a grape and an apple, but still takes on the apple shape, look and texture. Instead of having the skin of an apple and the flesh of a grape, they have arranged its genetics to simply ‘Look like an apple, but taste like a grape’ according to their advertisements.

Now, you may be wondering how this topic can be used for the report as these cosmologies already exist, which Is true. But to date, humans do not have the capability to Implement a number of different genes to create a whole new family under the hierarchy of biological classification. We must, as stated before, have a backbone to use (in this case a certain animal) in which we can implement new genes, rather than select various genes working in coordination to create a whole new species.

We also do not possess the power to be able to control certain emotions that the organisms may have, nor can we Implement or take away certain characteristics of their emotions. Crackers, human like creatures, were designed by Crake as part of the Paradise Project to create the perfect species, immune to diseases, ‘immortal’, to not feel emotional attachments, all to live in the perfect ‘paradise’. Crake, being a ‘numbers’ guy, felt that humans were too emotional, and became to attached with certain things that to him, had no moral relevance.

Crake believed that these characteristics within humans was more of a hindrance to life, rather than a help, which lead him to synthesize the Plausibly pill, and to begin the Paradise Project. Crake took specific genes from a variety of species hat he thought were the most ‘Ideal’ to create a super species that would live in complete harmony with one another. He made these species (the Crackers) without a racial Identity, resistant to diseases, herbivores, as well as a number of different attributes. The technology used by Crake is that of biotechnology, aided by the science of oceanography (the field Jimmy’s Father was in).

It is easy to comprehend how Crake took different genetics from different species and implemented them into the Crackers, but it is difficult to understand how he was able to take certain emotions and raids and use them in the Crackers so that they do not feel love, racism etc. As there are no specific genes that control how you feel. Have been passed down to my through my father, I have noticed a huge focus on A. ‘ (artificial intelligence). Every day, researchers and scientists are attempting to make robots more ‘lifelike’ and to be able to feel the same emotions that us humans feel.

Just take a look at Vim’s super-computer Watson’. Watson is able to figure out complex problems given to him within seconds of hearing them, and can give an extremely human like response (http:// www. Youth. Mom/watch? V=freehanded E). Atwood may also be attempting to signify that humans today think that they are no longer a part of nature, and can play god without any repercussions. She may be implying that attempting to create beings with human qualities (or in today’s case A. L) could lead to the devastation of the world as we know it, ultimately causing humans to die out as a species.

After doing research on Atwood and visiting her website Madam’s world, it is clear to see that she has a big interest in human fiction. I do not say science fiction in this case, because the book Orgy & Crake does to deal with spaceships laser blasters, and other stereotypical sic-if ‘props’. Instead, she puts focus on something that could be completely plausible in the world we live in today. There are already many genetic testing on animals, and we are already able to grow certain appendages on other life forms, such as ears and other cartilage based body parts.

It is thought by many people that implementing emotions to A. ‘ would be done by cognitive scientists and psychologists, but it is rather done by software engineers who attempt to add emotions into certain operating systems. As you can see in this article http://ceramics. Org/ceramic-tech-today/is-artificial- emotional-intelligence-possible-depends-on-whom-you-ask Atwood is not too far gone to believe that the ability to control emotions in a ‘man-made’ species is not far off in a non-organic life-form, but the question with relation to Orgy & Crake is how it can be done in a mind that thinks freely.

Much like the Rakings within the novel, we can take a certain gene that we like from one animal, and implement it to another. For example, during the early ass’s, searchers at the Challenge research centre in California designed a tomato that would be able to have a longer shelf life called the ‘Flavor Savor’. To do this, researchers took macroeconomics 3′-phosphorescence’s II (APP 3′ II) from a certain plasmid, as they found it more resistant to certain elements. They then took the sequence of APP 3′ II and implemented it to the tomatoes genetic sequence, thus making the tomato more resistant to decay.

With the knowledge that scientists have gained with genetic engineering and biotechnology, came possibility to help others who have lost liable organs or limbs. During the mid – late ass’s researchers began testing on animals to see if it were possible to grow human appendages and organs in, or on different types of animals. With countless years of research, we can now take certain stem create a chimer embryo that can be implanted into the animal’s womb. It can then grow into a perfect human heart or kidney as the host animal matures, much like the organs harvested from the pigeons.

Unlike the organs harvested from pigeons, Crake would of had to select a variety of gene’s across different species, and somehow be able to implement them to create a whole new species in itself. We may be able to harvest organs from animals, make animals ‘glow in the dark by giving them a certain gene, or even make apples that taste like grapes. But we have yet been able to make a whole new species with controlled emotions and a wide variety of attributes like glowing in the dark. Humans unfortunately do not have the technology to be able to synthesize a species that has no true ‘backbone’.

It is also good to note that the use of stem cell research is banned in many places around the world such as Germany, Italy ND Ireland. Unlike in the novel however, as Jimmy see’s the World’ scientists all over are experimenting with stem cells, attempting to better the life of others. This leads to the many ethical questions that have been raised by copious amounts of people around the world with respect to ‘playing god’. Since the use of stem cells became public, people have been protesting the use of stem cells for many reasons. The main reason being the necessary destruction of one human life to help save another.

Although some people believe that an embryo can not be a ‘person’ there as been no way to come to an ultimate decision to finalize what is morally right. It is also difficult to decide if saving someone who has roughly 30 more years to live is more acceptable than giving a newborn an opportunity to live a potential long life. As I have stated above, even in the 21st century, the practice of stem cell use is illegal in many third world countries around the world, even if it is to the benefit of human happiness. I personally believe that the use, study and experimentation of stem cell use is good for the human race.

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