Orientalism in Parzival

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The film pokes fun at the medieval implementation of these ideals by exaggerating them to nonsensical proportions. The film shows that gallant knights remaining loyal to their traditions in the chaos of medieval times is almost impossible to believe as well as ridiculous. For example, King Arthur is portrayed as a British Don Quixote who lacks a horse but still trots about the countryside trying to find knights to Join his quest for the Grail. The quest typically would be the trial for the knights to show their skills and al the Ideals that they hold In high esteem.

The satire of the film points out the Insanity of Urethra’s quest for unquestioned religious affirmation, no matter the public cost. The peasants watching from the fringe of the plot question the disturbing inanity of the value of the desired prize. For instance, the peasants sitting in front of King Arthur flinging mud do not even recognize him. They even specifically reference voting, which is not done in nations with a monarchy. Even after they found out he was the king; they still disrespected him. Traditionally in novels or visual texts of this period, he would have gotten some respect.


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his journey, every supposedly serious moment is subject to ridicule. The crazy part of this film and its infamy as a pop culture telling of the Grail story is that despite its deliberate lack of seriousness, the film shows signs of being meticulously researched and intellectually rendered using elements of accuracy. The film exemplifies the linguistics adage that portraying parody can be even more difficult than portraying fact because It takes knowing real elements of the subject as well as ways to put them In situations that exaggerate them.

For example, the monks who chant as they march through the grimy streets and whip themselves with cross-emblazoned beams are actually saying “Merciful Lord Jesus” in real Latin. This is the kind of situation that takes something real monks of the period would have done and takes it to the level of such absurdity that even modern audiences can find dark humor in the satire. As professional satirists, Monty Python shows that effective, irreverent humor requires thorough understanding of the target.

This explains the outrageous accents, outfits, and detailed accurate sets that make the satire more arty than Insulting. Amidst comedy are satirical Insights Into the medieval way of life for every social distinction and even critical views of one of the most powerful forces of the age, the monarchy. By malt Monty Python and the Holy Grail is very obviously a satirical imitation of the medieval all the ideals that they hold in high esteem. The satire of the film points out the insanity of Urethra’s quest for unquestioned religious affirmation, no matter the public period, he would have gotten some respect.

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