Orgo II lab

hydrophilic, <5 carbons, polar
either phenol or cooh
chromic acid
POS: orange to blue green and precip—-1’ or 2’ alcohol, ald


2-4 dinitrophenylhydrazine
-POS: thick yellow/yellow orange precip, aldehyde or ket
-Neg: yellow
Bromine in Methylene chloride
-pos: red to clear—–multiple bond
—k kmno4

-pos: purple to brown precipitate—multiple bond
-neg: purple

–known distinguishing of ald and ket

-positive with ald—precipitate to form silver mirror
-neg with ket–nothing

-pos:brown to yellow precip—methyl ketone
-neg: brown
starch iodide
pos: white paper to black blue—oxidizing agent present
-neg. white
ceric ammonium nitrate
-pos-yellow to red-alcohol
-pos-yellow to brown-phenol
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