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Organizational development is a process that an organization uses to develop its internal capacity such that it becomes effective and in the long run sustain itself. Organization development is closely related to achieving the mission of the organization. This is normally an effort that is planned at the organization level. In organizational development, there is change in attitudes, belief and values and even the organizational structure. Through this there is better adaptation to challenges, markets and new technologies.It involves system development, self analysis and organizational reflection.

In organizational development, employees’ skills are improved. This is usually very beneficial to the organization and even to the managers. (Thomson, 2003) It gives managers and other employees knowledge on how to deal with various issues in the organization. This always plays a great role in the success of the organization. In this case managers are given the chance to broaden their reasoning in the business sector while at the same time continuing with their management responsibilities in the organization.

They learn more on new methodologies of handling human as a resource. This topic has impacted the way I have handled many issues in Fair Price supermarket. During my second week of working I planned for training of sales team. This was carried out formally and the employees are equipped on the organization’s values.

The entire training has changed their attitudes towards work and their believes have also been changed so that increased performance is enhanced

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