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Since the social orders within the world persist to develop and expertise carry on and develop, our organizational designs have to have the capability to maintain and link the wants of its workers and patrons. Wealth this paper the author will provide the reader with an investigation of a selected editorial that discusses the expectations of organizational design and the appearance that the design should project.

In addition the article will also give a summarization of the context that are contained within the editorial and evaluate the expectations of organizational design. Editorial Summary The editorial that was selected for evaluation is “Revolutionize the Workforce: A Case Study of the Future of Work Program at Capital One,” searches for a way to illustrate as well as confirm the way that the plans of the work environment have been restructured due to the nature of the employee performance as well as their profiles, the power of knowledge. ND the Increasing desire are undergoing alterations due to the sort of work as well as the workers synopsis, the control of knowledge, and the rising requirement for an association to maintain professionalism and adaptability. The case study presented displays and outlines an individual association and the process that is used to determine what their Future of Work program. The focus of the program Is on how cautious deliberation of the diverse labor method, heartening human resources guidelines, customized workplace designs, and the most effective knowledge that will help enhance the employee’s work performance.

This case study illustrates that by utilizing each of the above mentioned issues created a greater amount of employee satisfaction, therefore improving the corporation’s production. The investigator presented a simple replica that would assist the human resource specialists to observe the effect of the organizational design and Its Impact on the workers conduct and the complete efficiency of the association. Examination of Editorial The editorial does an exceptional piece of work at displaying the way that the Future of Work program has profited Capital One’s entire organization.

It has been constantly repeated all over the area of organizational psychology that design and accomplishment of the organization. The case study displays gathered data from a mass of information which determines those things that need to be change or adjusted with the times. As we move into the 21st century it is important that organizations encourage the use of technology since that seems to be the direction that society is going.

One key component that the case study says is important for human resources leaders and organizational planners to carefully concentrate on the ay that the demographics of the labor force are shifting. Sex, ethnic group, and maturity each hold their own position in the process of how the organizational design needs to be displayed with if it is going to be relevant and able to sustain in the future. The study showed that workers age 55 and up is growing at a yearly fee of 4% greater than expected (Khan ;New, 2008).

Organizational designs have to be prepared to meet the requirements of this demographic that could desire to only want to be employed part-time, but can produce quality work in that time frame. Our monger generation is more concerned with having balance between work life and personal life so; this is something that HER leaders and organizational planners must take into account as well. Capital One’s program has proven when you offer Jobs that are designed for specific employees you are able to attract those who are knowledgeable and qualified for the Job.

Another key impact on the future of organizational design showed in the study is how focusing on a design that allows the employees to use the different work styles, but also promotes collaboration cuts down on stress, burnout, and high turnovers. Programs such as Capital One’s have seen a tremendous decline in voluntary resignations and productivity has increased. Providing their employees with the tools necessary to do their Jobs has also made the Future of Work program successful for Capital One.

This program and approach to organizational design has caused their competitors to revisit their design and make necessary changes that will keep them in the game. Although the Future to Work program shows many benefits that will keep Capital One moving forward as the times changes, it does pose a threat to the authenticity of employer and employee relationships and employee to employee relationships. The use of technology has greatly influenced the way we are able to do our Jobs and how long it takes, but it has also cut down on how we communicate face-to-face.

Many employees could see this as employers not being interested in learning who they are. It could also cause the employee to not feel any ownership or loyalty to the company because they feel like they are Just another body. As they are creating these new and innovative organizational designs, they should try to incorporate a balance between face-to-face communication and technology. Conclusion Organizational design plays a key role in the success or failure of an organization.

Those in charge of setting the design in place should put time and the employees, and the consumer. It is also important to recognize the pros and con’s of the design and try to fix those glitches to maintain the effectiveness and productivity of the organization.

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