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There have been many Internal and external factors that have defined the organization and Its size, structure, and organizational processes. This essay will introduce the four main internal and external factors that structure, economics, and external communication.

BMW uses the influences of these internal and external factors to adapt and perform at the highest level achievable. This influence helps the organization create the best atmosphere and experience possible for patients as they stay at the hospital. Internal Factors Internal Communication The organization’s philosophy is expressed by both company values, as well as by a general mission statement. “Excellence in the provisions of health care services to communities in the intermediation region. (Intermediation Medical Center, 2013) Providing excellence begins with employees that respect themselves, and are respectful to one another. BMW offers a variety of programs for employees to define heir individual roles, and enables them to perform their Jobs effectively. The organization works hard to recognize employees that follow the values established including; trust, excellence, accountability and mutual respect. The values and mission have defined how patients are treated, and set a uniform standard to be followed.

Neglect to follow these principles will be cause for disciplinary action, and could ultimately lead to termination. By assisting the hospital staff to conform to the policies and missions of the organization, the better chance they will stay long term tit the company. The close-knit group of health care providers at the hospital makes the size and structure provide a more personalized feeling for the patient during their stay. Computer protocol guidelines are a part of the continuing education that BMW uses to keep their employees up-to-date with the most recent evidence-based practice models.

Health care is built upon continuing research, and using advanced technology to provide less of a chance for error with patients. Following up to date procedural guidelines impacts the way the hospital functions as a whole. Each unit just work separately and together as a whole to make the needed improvements to support their patients quality of care. Structure The structure of a hospital effects the day-to-day operations that impact the success of an organization.

Brighton Medical Center works as a decentralized system by distributing authority at all levels of the employment hierarchy. The administration makes the main decisions for the hospital, but managers and other health care providers have the support they need to make decisions affecting their individual medical unit. This affects the organization in a positive way because it allows situations to be handled in a quick manner throughout the hospital. The chain of command is easy to follow in cases of escalation, and this helps the hospital run all day every day.

The structure of the hospital has impacted the number of employees, and the ability to work with fluctuating patient censuses. The health care staff that work at BMW must be able to work rotating schedules as the facility is open all day and all night, every day of the year. Some health care employees must be able to float to different units as well as be prepared to lose hours, or take on extra hours as deed. When there are low patient numbers on a certain unit and high on another, it may be necessary to send staff to assist on units they are not based in.

For this reason units are made to mirror each other as much as possible to make it easier for Factors Economics The economy is an external factor that affects all organizations throughout the United States and can predict the success of any given organization. The economy has impacted health care the most through citizens lack of insurance. The number of patients staying the hospital without insurance has risen in the past seven years nice the recession. Tan, Went & Avid, 2005) If someone does not have a Job, and requires either food or insurance, the desire for insurance is less than those of life- sustaining needs. Hospitals must see every patient that walks through the door whether that person has insurance or not. When a patient doesn’t have insurance the hospital must eat the costs accrued during their stay. This has an effect on the organizational process because they may need certain medications, procedures, health consults, or dietary orders that will be taken from supply, and need placement.

External Communication The patients that are seen at BMW expect to be treated with empathy and respect during their stay. The organization interacts with patients on a daily basis, and the interactions that happen each day impact the image of the hospital. Health care reform has paved the way for programs such as HASP scores in the hospital setting. According to encapsulation. Org the three main goals for the survey are “to produce comparable data on the patient’s perspective on care that allows objective and meaningful comparisons between hospitals.

The public reporting serves to enhance public accountability in health care by increasing the transparency of the quality of hospital care provided in return for the public investment. Lastly, public reporting of the survey results is designed to create incentives for hospitals to improve their quality of care. ” (www. Hispanicize. Org, 2013) The scores affect the hospital by creating a special set of standards that are created for all employees to strive towards.

Demand for Accountability The demand for more accountability in the hospital setting has impacted the organization in positive ways. The need to follow through and meet the set standards for quality care has created the need for trainings among the hospital to ensure that everyone has the same goal in mind. Standardization of the goal gives the organization the opportunity to keep the employees that want to be there and improve quality of care. This has impacted patient care and has slowly brought HASPS scores to consistent levels within the separate units, as well as the hospital as a whole.

Conclusion Brighton Medical Center works hard each day to ensure the levels of excellence ND quality of care not only meet country standards, but also exceed them. There have been many internal and external factors that have defined the organization and its size, structure, and organizational processes through the transformation. The four main internal and external factors that have had the biggest influence on the organization are internal communication, structure, economics, and external communication. BMW uses the influences of these internal and external factors to adapt and perform at the highest level achievable.

The demand for greater accountability along with the factors listed above, have changed the organizational place where the quality of care meets clinical excellence.

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