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I. The expectancy model of motivation will be employed in evaluating the salespeople of Luxurion Auto. In other words, they will be made to understand, at the outset, what management expects of them. The performance evaluation will cover their individual task outcomes, behavior, and traits (Robbins, 2005). II. Individual task outcomes a. The first criterion of the performance evaluation for the salespeople will be their overall sales volume. b. The individual salespeople should also be evaluated based on their dollar increase in sales. c. The third evaluation criterion will be the number of new accounts that they are able to

open during the period under evaluation. III. The behavior of the individual sales agents should likewise be appraised. a. Leadership skill will be measured, since salespeople should also be effective leaders. b. The efforts that every member of the sales force exerts in contributing suggestions for improvements should also be evaluated. c. As communication skill is also an important factor in the overall performance of the sales department, it should also be evaluated. IV. The individual traits of the salespeople will also be taken into consideration. a.

The individual attitude of the sales force will be one of the things that will be evaluated. b. Dependability, a desired characteristic of a good sales agent, will be assessed. c. Confidence should be among the salespeople’s principal traits. The evaluation should therefore establish if they are showing enough confidence in their work. Summary In evaluating the performance of the salespeople of Luxurion Auto, the expectancy model of motivation will be utilized. Under this model, it is necessary that the salespeople are aware what management expects of them.

Since sales production is the primary goal of the sales department, the performance evaluation of its salespeople will primarily center on their individual task outcomes. In this context, task outcome will include sales volume in terms of the dollar amount, sales volume in terms of the quantity of cars sold, and the new accounts opened during the period. These factors will be given greater weight over the two other evaluation criteria, namely: individual behavior and traits (Robbins, 2005). The evaluation should be documented utilizing the “Graphic Rating Scales.

” Performance factors such as quantity and quality of work, leadership skills, communication skills, attitude, and dependability will be listed, and performance will be judged in a scale of 1 -5, with 1 representing poor performance and 5 will read as excellent. Salespeople getting an aggregate rating of 3 and below will immediately be issued corresponding memorandums reminding them of their expected outcomes. Those who are rated from 4-5, on the other hand, will receive commendations and other rewards (Robbins, 2005). The evaluation procedure will involve a due process which will include three steps.

First, management expectation will be made known to every sales agent at the outset. Second, any violation of company policies discovered or any negative findings ensuing from the evaluation shall be made known in a fair hearing where the concerned sales agents will have his or her opportunity to answer charges of poor performance or policy violations. Lastly, management will endeavor a decision which will be fair, devoid of any bias, and will be based solely on the evidence presented (Robbins, 2005).

Reference Robbins, S. P. (2005). Organizational Behavior (11th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

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