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These five questions are to be addressed within the context of the program training that is further suggested herein. This program primarily aims to set a fine path for the employees to learn how to deal with the major proceedings of their jobs while keeping an amiable focus on the ways by which it affects the wellness of their health. They are then to be educated through this program to be one with the process of the organization in hosting the different needs that they have while requiring them to attain certain standards in the company’s work values continuously.

Building an equal sense of return of values is then aimed to be established by this program, thus creating a more workable environment for the employees and the employers as well. THE ISSUES ON THE ORGANIATION TO BE ADDRESSED THROUGH TRAINING Among the questions passed by the program planner to the interviewees are inquiries about their current situation at the offices that they work at. The psychological, the professional [business] and the architectural aspects has been carried through the given interview questions. A) Psychological Aspects

In this section, the interviewees mainly pointed out that working in the offices

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from 9am to 5pm gives them stressing situations that at times, even though they are already at home, relaxation does not come easily. As a result, lack of sleep and rest because of the anxieties brought about by the other day is carried on through the next day of work. The presentation that follows is a diagram of psychological factors that the interviewees believe to have a great impact on their performance at work. Diagram 1: Psychological Factors that Affect the Work Performances of Organizational Companies

(Office-based Jobs) Diagram Explanation: In this diagram, it clearly shows that there are three major psychological factors that affect the performance of the employees. Along with these are the three major pressures that bring hard-to-deal-with stress to the workers. The major psychological factors and pressures shall be discussed within the paragraphs that follow. The psychological factors: These factors are usually noted to be among the elements that contribute to the disturbance of the employee from concentrating on the job that he or she is appointed to finish.

The said factors are as follows: • Noise and Clutter Normally, if the employees are stuffed in a one-level office whereas the tables are situated at a close distance to each other, clutter and noise is most likely to occur. Hence, as a result, some employees who are not used to working in noisy areas loose their concentration on their tasks. Satisfaction of the employees on this aspect falls down. • Gossip at work As mentioned earlier, if the tables are situated to be close to each other, there is much temptation to talk to each other during work hours.

The gossip then again disturbs the focus of the employee with the job that they are commissioned to complete. • Misbehaved officemates Gossiping itself is already misbehavior on the part of some employees, however, because of the closeness of the chairs and the designated location of the office workers, it is not impossible for some trouble to occur especially when rush hour or “stress-hours” occur. Aside from the existing psychological factors that cause the employees to loose their focus on the job are the three major pressures that cause stress on the part of the employees.

The said three element of stress are as follows: • Too Strict policies Usually, these policies are designed by the administration. They are further implemented to secure the performance level of the employees. However, at some point, some business organizations imply too much strict policies that the employees feel tied to much on the rules and regulations of the organization. The feeling of being watched all the time makes the employee feel uneasy resulting to poor performance. • Company Pressures This may include deadlines, and standardized requirements form the final output of the finished tasks of the employees.

Once the standards are set at a very high level, at times, the employees loose track on how possible it would be to achieve those standards. The pressures they get at some point drives them to having deep-rooted stress that makes it harder for them to perform well in their duties. • Personal pressures Each employee has a personal standard, which he or she follows as a basis of personal excellence. When this is not met because of the impending disturbances, the employee tends to get discouraged in his own work and would later on lack the capability or the encouragement to do better in his job.

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