Organization and Leadership of CSR

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Although UPS used airplanes for parcel delivery services from one state to another but after a short period of time in 1953 the service was discontinued, later this service was offered to all cities. Including Alaska and Hawaiian the service grew rapidly and from 1978 this service is available in nearly all the USA states. The demand for air parcel delivery increased in the 1980s, deregulations created opportunities for UPS but created flight uncertainty due to which UPS began to assemble its own jet cargo fleet. The two day was converted to overnight air delivery service by 1985.

At last 1988, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved UPS to operate its own aircraft, thereby formally it became an official air line for parcel services. (United parcel service) “UPS also became the first company to offer same-day, “next flight-out” service and guaranteed 8 a. m. overnight delivery. The most recent public change came in 2003, when the company introduced a new brand mark, representing a new, evolved UPS, adopting the acronym UPS as its formal name, another indicator of its broad expanse of services”. (Not Available, n. d. )

Thus it can be evaluated that UPS has continued

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to develop and have provided reliable, efficient and the best customer service. Results and Performance The result of the united parcel service needs no explanation as the growth and expansion projects are more then evidence. To support the above argument we can even show that “the least-volatile stock is United Parcel Service, with a beta value of 0. 75” (Associated Press). Then there is the profit margin which also suggests that UPS has maintained the standard of performance.

Another statement which would verify the performance of UPS is the fact that UPS has been ranked second highest globally in the transport and logistics industry and ranked first in the United States. Then there is another fact which suggests that UPS in the top tier of U. S. based companies in the list of “The World’s Most Respected Companies” released by Reputation Institute recently in 2007. Then there are the awards given to UPS which suggest the quality performance produced by UPS.

One of the awards amongst these awards is the DaimlerChrysler, Chrysler Group Gold Award by the company’s Corporate Logistics division which has been awarded to UPS for the 12th consecutive year. Last but not the least we can evaluate the market value of UPS which is $75. 4 billion, the profitability rate is approximately 30. 8% and the sales growth rate is 12. 8 %. All these statistics and example suggests that UPS has great potential in the future ahead their has been some downfalls and drawback, even few customer complains have been registered but the ratio of positive response is so high that some negativity can be overlooked

As far as corporate social responsibility is considered, some of the programs conducted in UPS show that the UPS gives high priority in following the conditions give by CSR. Some examples which would support the above argument include; “UPS and franchisees today launched a nationwide campaign to raise $1 million for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. More than 4,300 locations will be selling $1 donation cards, now through Friday, Dec. 23. All proceeds will go to local Toys for Tots programs” (Business Wire).

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