Organisation’s Ethics and Social Responsibility

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The text in this paper is about an organizations’ ethics and its social responsibility. Here we have first defined that ethics is a code of conduct or guidelines on the basis of which all the acts within the organization are performed. In addition to the discussion of its meaning few tasks by performing which a company can achieve its ethical position are also mentioned. Then the definition of social responsibility is given. Social responsibility has different meanings for different words.

The ethics are not only for the organization itself but they are applicable to the employees as well. In fact the company is said to be ethically strong if not only the company but also its employees are abiding by the company’s corporate code of conduct. The general understanding of this term is that when an organization takes care of the society and its welfare the organization is said to be socially responsible. Moreover, it has been explained that how an organisation can fulfill its ethical and social responsibility.

In order to explain how an organization can fulfill its ethical and social responsibility a few approaches are explained which can be adopted by the organization alternatively. Those approaches include the social obligation approach, the social responsibility approach and the social responsiveness approach. Although all three approaches are explained it is concluded that the most effective and efficient of all the three approaches is the social responsiveness approach. Next the ways to act within the ethical boundaries are identified and explained.

First of all it is highlighted that the ethical system has two components. First component is the organisation’s ethical behavior in earning profits and second comes the ethical behavior of the employees in the organisation. One of the most important ways is to see whether the act which is going to be performed will affect all the related parties positively or it will have some adverse affects also. Some of the acts are pointed out which should not be done so that the organization or its employees does not violate their ethical requirements.

The last section of this paper compares whether the profit making should be put first by an organization or should it put its social or ethical responsibility ahead of profit making. In order to clarify the topic the opinion of both the favouring school of thought as well as the school of thought this is against the topic. However after discussing the point of view of both the sides the conclusion as per my understanding and examples are given to justify it.

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