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Services, Manager- Customer Services, Manager- Services Support & Development, Security Manager, Manager- Safety, Manager- Quality Assurance and Manager- Corporate Communication Most of the decisions are made by the top which is the Cargo Terminal Programmer Manager in Corporate level. The Cargo Terminal Programmer manager is in charge of three heads of department who is in divisional level to meet the targets and strategies set. The advantage of centralization is easier on management. All the staffs follow the instruction from the top managers and Hereford no duplicable or confusing directives can be formed.

Also, the concentration of expertise makes it easier to develop new services or technologies. However there are still some disadvantages. The instructions and orders made by the corporate level make the company less flexible as they need to stick to the instructions. So, less customized services can be done and the qualities of service are low. Besides, the company is over standardized. The ideas or strategies for the development of the company is decide by a few people and makes it less creative and limited the development.

Cathy Pacific Service Ltd has a flat structure, there are four levels of hierarchy in the company, it allows the management team directly contacts the employees and gives them guidance of what they should do. Obviously this enhances the communication strategy of the whole company, when the company is operating it can run more effectively. A flatter structure bonds the commander and the worker together, the workers can be more familiarized of what they should do because they received the order directly, and it reduces the chance of bearing risk.

Besides that the immunization method adopted also suit the large company because the staff form the lower level can voice out their opinion directly to the leader, then the staff will not disagree with the decision made by the management team because at least they have tried to convince others, but their reasons or proposal are not strong enough, this situation will not exist in a tall structure since there is not much communication between different levels. The atmosphere of the company will be more harmonious in this situation.

Besides that the corporation has a formal structure, it is a listed company in the stock arrest, so regulations should be well developed, for exampling order to become completely conversant with all aircraft technical and safety procedures, new Flight Attendants will begin by undertaking an intensive 6-week training programmer. It also has to dispose financial report to the public regularly, to let the society know how the financial budget plan of Cathy Pacific throughout the whole year is. A formal structure in a large company can lead the company to become more successful.

The Chief Executive Officer divides work vertically, delegating decision to those below hem, then create its hierarchy gradually. The structure of Cathy Pacific Services Ltd is flat and has wide spans of supervision. We can see from the appendix 1, it only has four levels and in the same rank, it has several branches, for example, managers of engineering, information management, terminal services, customer services, services support & development, security, safety, quality and corporate communication are in the same rank.

They are corporations of the company, with overall responsibility for leading and controlling the company, monitoring performance at major unites and maintaining links with significant external institution. 5. Span of Control The organizational structure of Cathy Pacific Services Ltd shows that there are four span of control which means four subordinates report directly to the CEO of the company. In this case, it is a wide span of control as there are only three levels and most of the department report directly to a given manager.

A wide span of control makes the manager difficult to supervise subordinates effectively and therefore less direct contact between the subordinates and supervisor due to time limitation. In there words, there is greater reliance on the employee to operate in an autonomous manner. The wide span of control works in the Cathy Pacific Services Ltd because of formalization in direction and control. Company provides a clear rule books and procedures for the subordinates to follow.

This makes the staffs work and operate automatically once they receive an order. Also, the division of work functions. As the span of control is widely divided by functions, it is easier for manager to follow. 5. Chain of command It is very clear that Cathy Pacific Services Ltd performs the unity of command in its organization. Unity of command refers to each subordinate should report to and be instructed by one manager only. It is not suggested that the subordinates in the organization report to two or more.

Otherwise, the subordinates may feel confused with the various separate commands from two or more managers. Referring to the organizational chart of Cathy Pacific Services Ltd (see Appendix 1), Thomas Chemung, the Security Manager, has to report to Peter Lee only – the Cargo Terminal Programmer Manager. Chemung has no more than one person to report to while he is only being instructed by the one manager. Cathy Pacific Services Ltd. Obviously, the organization has a clear unity of command.

There is no subordinate is under two or more managers’ instruction which is an advantage to organization because there is less conflict among the department. One thing should be noted that flat structure can be one of the reasons to achieve the belief of unity of command. As mentioned, the Cathy Pacific Services Ltd has only 4 levels of structure. Since it is a flat and narrow structure organization, it is very possible that each subordinate reports to one manager only.

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