Organic Chemistry- Terms

Torsional Strain
Strain due to electrons connected to same molecule
Steric Bulk
Strain due to electrons on different molecules that do not want to be close to one another
1R,2R/1S,2S non-identical mirror images
Chiral Compounds
R (clockwise) S (Counterclockwise) Hydrogen faces outward if inward then flipped, Rotation based on size
Constituent Isomers
Same atoms just arranged in different manner
Stero Isomers
Connected in the same way just different spatial orientations
Straight up or straight down on chair conformation
Connected groups on opposite sides of the face
Both connected groups on same side of face
Chirality Centers
Central carbon is bound to 4 different compounds causing a center of rotation to occur about carbon
1R,2R/1R,2S one or more configurations on a chirality center
Equatorial State
Atttached groups are at a side ways angle from each other and are at lowest energy
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