Organic Chemistry- Functional Groups


Name: Acid Chloride 

Ending: -oyl chloride 

Example: Ethanoyl Chloride 


Name: Alcohol 

Ending: -ol

Example: Methanol



Name: Aldehyde 

Ending: -al

Example: ethanal


Name: Alkene (double bond)

Ending: -ene

Example: Ethene 


Name: Alkyne (triple bond) 

Ending: -yne

Example: Ethyne


Name: Amide

Ending: -amide

Example: Ethamide


Name: Amine

Ending: -amine

Example: Methylamine


Name: Arene (Aromatic Ring)

Ending: None

Example: Benzene


Name: Carboxylic Acid Anhydride

Ending: -oic anhydride

Example: Ethanoic anhydride


Name: Carboxylic Acid

Ending: -oic acid

Example: Ethanoic Acid 


Name: Diphosphate 

Ending: diphosphate

Example: Diphosphate


Name: Disulfide

Ending: disulfide

Example: Dimethyl disulfide


Name: Ester

Ending: -oate

Example: Ester


Name: Ether

Ending: ether

Example: Dimethyl Ether


Name: Halide

Ending: none

Example: Chloromethane


Name: Imine (Schiff Base)

Ending: imine

Example: Acetonimine


Name: Ketone

Ending: -one

Example: Propone


Name: Monophosphate

Ending: phosphate

Example: Monophosphate


Name: Nitrile

Ending: -nitrile

Example: Ethanenitrile


Name: Sulfide

Ending: sulfide

Example: Dimethyl Sulfide


Name: Sulfoxide

Ending: sulfoxide

Example: Sulfoxide


Name: Thioester

Ending: -thioate

Example: Methyl Ethanethioate


Name: Thiol

Ending: -thiol

Example: Methanethiol

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