Organic Chemistry II Ch, 8

Why does the addition to an olefin occur?
s bonds stronger than p bonds
Markovnikov’s Rule
during the ionic addition of an
unsymmetrical reagent to a double bond, the + portion of the adding reagent attaches itself to the
carbon atom of the double bond so as to yield the more stable carbocation
What is a purpose of Oxymercuration
used to avoid carbocation rearrangements when adding H2O to an alkene
Hydroboration can be best describes as
BH3 readily adds to alkenes, many synthetic uses for resulting organoborane
How does hydroboration add to less sterically hindered olefinic carbon?
it yields anti-Markovnikov products
When we say hydroboration is stereoselective…
BH2 adds to less sterically hindered face of double bond
Given a choice, H2O attacks atom with…
greater + charge
Carbenes are best summed up as
divalent carbon species; highly electrophilic due to incomplete octet
What typically happens in the reactions of carbenes?
The carbene adds to a multiple bond.
Alkenes can be oxidized with peroxycarboxylic acids, RCO3H, to give …
Epoxidation is stereospecific, meaning?
Stereochemistry is preserved throughout reaction
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