Organic Chemistry Final Exam

R configuration
Right turn, clockwise configuration
S configuration
Left turn, counterclockwise configuration
Alkyne + HX ->
Alkene with H and X on separate carbons
E configuration
opposite sides of the double bond, can’t twist
Z configuration
ze zame zide of the double bond, can’t twist
Alkene to halohydrin (1,2-halo alcohol)
Add X2 over water, or NBS over water and DMSO
Alkene to alcohol
add water, H3PO4 catalyst at 250 deg. celcius
alkene to alkane
Add H2 and a catalyst
alkene to 1,2-diol
Add Cl2 over water to get halohyrdin, next add base over water, next add hyrdronium (trans)
alkene to carbonyl compound
Add 1) ozone over 2) zinc and hydronium
alkene to halide
Add HX
alkene to cyclopropane
add CHCl3, KOH
alkene to epoxide
Add Cl2 over water to get halohydrin, next add base over water
alkene to 1,2 dihalide
Add X2
Adding BH3 over THF catalyst, then adding peroxide and hydroxide to give an addition alcohol reaction
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