Organic Chemistry Alcohols

aldehyde/ketone to alcohol
carboxylic acid/ester to alcohol
BH3/THF for COOH, LiAlH4 for both, replaces OH and OR with H (OR becomes ROH)
carbonyl and grignard to alcohol
RMgX, RLi, THF, ether
replaces the OR on the ketone and saturates it
grignard/RLi preparation
any alkyl, aryl, alkene halide but no acidic H allowed
alcohol dehydration
(1st/2nd/E2) use POCl2 to convert OH into leaving group OPOCl2, (3rd) use acid, pyridine is base
oxidation of alcohol to form carbonyl
PCC for making aldehyde 1st, Jones/KMnO4/Na2Cr2O7 for making COOH 1st, any of above for 2nd to make ketone, no 3rd
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