Organic Chemistry

amino acids with different isolectric points
souluabilty- more soulbilty higher rise
chain of amino acids boded by peptide bonds
chaincreates patterns alpha helix and beta pleated sheet
held together by vanderwalls,ionic, covalent, and hydrogen boding
.has random folds, globular
tertiary bonded to a central metallic ion
Functions of Proteins
.produce antibdies
.energy source
.make enzymes
(CH20)x xcan be from 3-6
(CH20)x xcan be from 3-6
Straght chain glucose
alpha- H+ and OH- are switched on one of the 3rd carbons
Condensation of monosaccharides
lactose- condensation comes betwee alpha glucose and beta glactose

starch- bunch of alpha glucoses

compostion of sucrose
alpha glucose and beta frutose
C1 to C4 will form alpha clysocide linkage, made like a log
storage starch C1 to C6 alpha linkage. starch is more branched out and some 1-4 linkages
functions of polysaccrides
.quick energy source
.amylopectin-storage for carbs
fattyacid and glysoral
compostiton of fats and oils
glysoral connected to two fatty acids
Saturated fats
no double carbon bods
.higher melting points
atleast one pair of double carbon to carbon bonds
Relationship of iodine number to unsaturated fat
the higher the iodine number the higher the degree of unsaturatation which leads to more double carbon to carbon bonds
produces H20 instead of taking away
major functions of fats in the body
.long term energy source
.produce cell membranes
.insulate and protect body organs
micronutrient not produced by body(in most cases)
used to help oxidize fats, lipids, and carbs
Structual features of vitamins
. number of OH- groups make water soluble vitamins (c and b)
.fat soulubale vitamins(adek) have a less amount of OH-
2 function groups of vitamins
OH- groups, hydrocarbon radicals
Vitamin A
.night blindness
Vitamin D
.ricketts,bone malformation
Vitamin C
.asorbic acid
.goiter, thyoid inflammation
peptide chain
chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. A reaction removes a molecule of watter from the COOH group of one amino acid and the NH3, group of the next.
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