Organic Chem: Carboxylic Acids & Nitriles

carboxylic acids are a good starting material for what?
acyl derivatives
ex. of acyl derivative
acid chlorides, esters, amides, and thioesters
suffix for carboxylic acids?
-oic acid
suffix for carbonyl grp bonded to an aromatic ring?
-carboxylic acid
acyl group suffix?
carboxyl grp?
Nitriles contain which functional group?
-C—N (tb)
Chemistry of nitriles is similar to?
carboxylic acids
suffix for open chained nitrile?
-ic acid/-oil acid nitrile suffix?
-carboxylic acid nitrile suffix?
hybridization of carbonyl C?
carboxylic acids have high/low boiling points because of?
high bp because of hydrogen bonding
carboxylic acids defining characteristic is their?
carboxylic acids react with bases to give ?
carboxylate salts (water soluble)
pKa= ?
-log Ka
lower pka means?
more acidic
which is more acidic? carboxylic acids or alcohols?
carboxylic acids are more acidic
carboxylic acids in acidic solution at low pH?
carboxylic acid undissociated and exists as RCO2H
carboxylic acids in basic sol’n at high pH?
carboxylic acid dissociates and exists as RCO2-
chlorine atom is EDG/EWG?
EWG (more Cl= more acidic & closer Cl to carbonyl grp= more acidic)
activating groups
CH3, OCH3, OH (EDG & decrease acidity)
Deactivating groups
NO2, CN, CHO, Br, Cl (EWG & increase acidity)
how to make a carboxylic acid from tertiary alkyl halide?
1- grignard (Mg, ether)
2- carboxylation (CO2, ether)
3- protonation (H3O)
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