Organic Carey 7 -Chapter 14



Organolithium Reactions


Lithium Dialkylcuprates
Organolithiums to Alcohols
Iodomethylzinc Iodide
Grignard Reaction

RX + Mg → RMgX


 [image] + Mg [image] [image]


Grignard Reagents
Grignard Reagents with Carbonyl Compounds

[image] -Et2O, H+->[image]

Grignards with Esters
Grubbs’ Catalyst




Ring-Closing Metathesis



Acetylenic Alcohol Synthesis

[image]-1.NH3, 2.H+-; [image]

Sodium Acetylide
Alkanes from Lithium Dialkylcuprates
[image];-Et2O-; [image]
Simmons-Smith Reaction

[image]-CH2I2, Zn(Cu); Et2O-; [image]

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