Org B 320 Chapter 14 Quizzes

Which statement about leadership is true?
Leadership can be exhibited by persons other than those formally designated as leaders by the organization
One definition of leadership and management holds that managers control complexity while leaders
produce useful change
Which of the following is characteristic of a transactional leader?
contingent pay
Which of the following statements regarding the research on leadership traits is false?
people with extremely high intelligence sores are usually outstanding leaders
What is the best conclusion that can be drawn from the research on the relationship between intelligence and leadership effectiveness?
the best leaders have above average IQs
What are the anticipated consequences of laissez-faire leaders?
they often contribute to stress and frustration
A leader who stresses standard procedures, schedules the work to be done, and assigns subordinates to particular tasks is high on
initiating structure
The two dimensions on the Leadership Grid are
concern for people and concern for production
Which of the following is not one of the three situational variables identified in Fred Fiedler’s contingency theory of leadership?
*the cohesiveness of the group*, the structure of the task, the power position of the leader, the relationships between the leader and members
When followers are willing and able, the appropriate leadership style is
According to Fiedler’s contingency theory of leadership effectiveness, what type of leader would be the most effective in an extremely unfavorable situation?
a task-oriented leader
Which of the following would be considered a “substitute for leadership”?
*unambiguous and routine tasks*, subordinates with little training or experience, a loosely structured and highly flexible organization, punishment
Which of the following is the best illustration of a neutralizer of leadership?
a nurse changed the patient’s treatment when she realized that her supervisor’s instructions were making the patient aggitated
Which of these planning activities is the best illustration of leadership (rather than management)?
assessing the long term contribution of a project to the company
Which of these leader behavior styles if the most participative?
When supervisors conduct performance evaluations, which managerial role are they performing?
controlling – ensuring performance
Which of the following illustrates a substitute variable for leadership?
After the pianist played the introduction, everyone listened to the piano and started to sing without watching the conductor.
According to one definition, leadership is different from management because leaders ___, and managers ____
lead people, manage things
Which of these attributes contributes most to making someone a charismatic leader?
being trustworthy and inspiring confidence
Production oriented leadership
is also called initiating structure
Which of the following statements about selecting an appropriate leader behavior style is true?
delegating requires the followers to have sufficient information
What two leadership behaiors were identified by the Ohio State research team in their extensive research on leadership?
initiating structure and consideration
Which of these leader behaviors would be considered initiating structure?
developing the work schedule for the next week
Leaders are in an extremely unfavorable situation when the task is ____, they have a ___ power position, and the interactions with subordinates are ___.
unstructured, weak, negative
When the situation is ambiguous and a person is trying to emerge as a leader to solve a crisis situation, the best leadership style is
Transactional leadership involves
rewarding performance and recognizing accomplisments
Contingency, or situation, models of leadership
indicate that appropriate leader behavior depends on the circumstances
What is the best conclusion of the research examining the relationship between personal characteristics and leadership?
good leaders tend to be taller and more attractive, but this isn’t always true or even helpful
While they were working on a service project, a youth group became tired and discouraged and wanted to quit. One youth inspired them to finish the project, however, by gathering them together and describing the benefits of the project to the neighborhood. What aspect of leadership does this action illustrate?
incremental influence
Which of the following statements about leadership research is false?
initiating structure is a valuable personal trait

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