Oprah’s interview with Elie Wiesel

How many died at Auschwitz
1.1-1.5 Million

Why was Germany desperate?
because of the Great Depresion

What does Wiesel mean by “The worl shrank”?
the amount of Jews were getting smaller and smaller, just by time

What percent of those who arrived to Auschwitz were killed?

What was the average life span?
4 months

What does “Arbeit macht frei” from the gate mean?
work makes you free

what does Wiesel do with his anger?
“:I write and i teach and my goal in both cases is to sensitize the reader or student.”`

What does Wiesel do to help others who are experiencing injustice? And what does he mean?
“I can’t do anything except use my words to shout.” It means his words can alert and educate society of these horrors of suffering and inhumane.

What was the Jews hair used for?
solf to factories to make cloth