Operations Management Exam 2

The ability of a lroduct ir service go meet customer expectations
ISO 9000
A set of wuality standards developed by the international organization for standardization
Cost Of Quality
The cost of doing things wrong thag is the price of nonconformance
Symbolizes a broader dimension than quality a deeper process than education and a more perfect nethod than persistence
Total Quality Management
Management of an entire organization so that it excels in all aspects of prof
A continous improvement model of Plan Do Check Act
Six Sigma
A program to save time imorove quality and lower costs(3.4 errors per million)
Employee Empowerment
Enlarging employee jobs so that the added responsibility and authority is moved to the lowest level possible in the organization
Quality Circle
A group of employees meeting regularly with a facilitator to solve work related problems in their work area
Selecting a demonstrated standard of performance that represents the very best performance for a process of an activity
Quality Robust
Products that are consistently built to meet customer needs in spite of adverse conditions in the production process
Quality Loss Function
A mathematical function that identifies all costs connected with poor quality and shows how these costs increase as product quality moves from what the customer wants
Target Oriented Quality
A philosophy of continuous improvement to bring a product exactly in target
Check Sheets
A check sheet is any kind of a form that is designed for recording data
Scatter Diagrams
Show relationship between two measurements
Cause and Effect Digrams
A schematic technique used to discover possible locations of quality problems
Pareto Charts
A graphic way of classifying problems by their level of importance often referred to as the 80-20 rule
Block diagrams that graphically describe a process or system
Show range of values of a measurement and the frequency with which each value iccurs
Statistical Process Control
A process used to monitor standards make measurements and take corrective action as a product or service is being produced
Control Cahrts
Graphic Presentations of process day at over time with predetermined control limits
A means of ensuring that an operation is producing at the quality level expected
Source Inspection
Controlling or monitoring at the point of production or purchase at the source
Literally translated do foolproof it has come to mean a device or technique that ensures the production of a good unit every tome
A type of poka-yoke the lists the steps needed to ensure consistency and completeness in a task
Attribute Inspection
An inspection that classifies items as being ether good or defective
Variable Inspection
Classifications of inspected items as falling in a continuum scale such as dimension of strength
Service Recovery
Training and empowering frontline workers to solve a problem immediately
Labor Planning
A means of determining staffing polices dealing with employment stability work schedules and work rukes
Job design
An approach that specifies the tasks that constitute a job for an individual or a group
Labor Specialization
The division of labor into unique tasks
Job enlargement
The grouping of a variety of tasks about the same skill level horizontal enlargement
Job rotation
A system in which an employee is nicer from one specialized job to another
Job enrichment
A method of giving an employee more responsibility that includes some of the planning and control necessary for job accomplishment vertical expansion
Employee empowerment
Enlarging employee jobs so that the added responsibility and authority are moved to lowest level
Self directed team
A group of empowered individuals working together to reach a common goal!
the study of the human interface with the environment and machines
Methods Analysis
A system that involves developing work procedures that are safe and produce quality products efficiently
Flow Diagram
A drawing used to analyze move by if people or material
Process chart
Graphic representations that depict s sequence of steps for a process
Activity Chart
A way of improving utilization of an operator and s machine or some combo of operators and nachines
Operations chart
A chart depicting rug and left hand motions
Visual wirkplace
Uses a variety of visual communication techniques to rapidly communicate info to stajeholders
Labor Standards
The amount of time required to perform a job or part of a job
Time study
Timing a sample of a withers performance and using it as a basis for setting a standard time
Average observed time
The arithmetic mean of times for each element measured adjusted for unusual influence for each element
Normal time
The average observed time adjusted forbpace
Standard time
An adjustment to the total normal time the adjustment provides allowances for personal needs avoidable work delays and fatigue
Predetermined time stabsards
A division of manual work Ito small basics elements that have established and widely accepted tines
Basic physical elements of motion
Time measurement units
Units for very basic micro motions in 1000 TMUs=1 hour
Work Sampling
An estimate of the percentage of the time that a worker spends on various tasks

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