Only God has the right to interfere with our genes

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In most religions ‘playing God’ is regarded as a great sin, and so it follows that genetically altering a person’s unique genes is wrong.

“See now that I myself am he! There is no god beside me. I put to death and I bring to life”

Dueteronomy 32:30

There are two sides to this statement, one being that nobody has the right to interfere with children’s genes, and the other that it is helpful, and people do have the right to change a child.

My reason for agreeing with this statement is because God being the creator should be the only person that is allowed to interfere with our genes. It is wrong that people other than God should be allowed to change the way a child looks and the characteristics that it has. The non religious arguments against genetic engineering state that it does not give enough information about the consequences and has effects that would be permanent if anything went wrong.

Genetic engineering, in most cases, is used when one or both parents have a faulty gene and do not wish to pass it on to their child. Defective inherited genes can be responsible for mental retardation, physical deformities and early deaths, and so

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it is argued by many people that doctors and medical researchers should do all they can towards the curing and prevention of these genetic diseases.

“Clearly, where genetic manipulation is the means of healing diseases – in animals or humans – it is to be welcomed”

Statement from the Methodist Church in ‘What the Churches Say’

However others might be against scientists interfering because the parents may choose certain features to be included in their child and this would be like creating a ‘designer baby’ which would mean you are altering Gods original creation.

On the other hand it may be a good idea for doctors to interfere with our genes if it is going to stop deformities and hereditary diseases such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, diabetes and other diseases that are incurable. The non religious argument in favour or genetic engineering agrees with me in that it offers a chance to cure diseases.

Some Christians have positive responses to genetic engineering whereas others have negative. Strong Christians say that it’s a good thing and the church should support it because Jesus was a healer and taught Christians to do everything they could to cure illness.

The Roman Catholic view is half and half. They think that genetic engineering is permissible, as long as embryos are not used. They agree with the strong Christians on some reasons but not all. They say that unlike the Christians, killing an Embryo is like killing a life.

I think it is unnecessary for people to use genetic engineering in minor or extreme circumstances. An example of something extreme would be ‘cloning’. I feel this is ridiculous as everybody is different and we should not be attempting to produce anything ‘perfect’. A minor example would be changing somebody’s eye colour for example

In summary, I feel that genetic engineering should only be allowed in some circumstances but that everybody deserves to live a healthy and happy life without disability or illness that may restrict them from doing this. Therefore, if a mother or a father carry a faulty gene I think it would be acceptable for them to go to a scientist and have this faulty gene removed in order to make sure the child does not suffer and also for future generations to come. I also believe that genetic engineering should be used to cure diseases and disabilities.

All people on earth should have an equal chance to live their life to the full but should remain as God created if they are healthy and able to do so.

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