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Descreasing wavelength of light goes in the order
infrared, visible, ultraviolet
What is the most current model of how the atom is constructed?
A dense nucleus of protons and neutrons surrounded by electron clouds of different shapes and sizes.
What is the electron configuration of Mg2+?
The energy needed to remove electrons from an atom is called
ionization energy
Light behaves like
Both a particle and a wave

Rank the following atoms in terms of decreasing atomic radius

F, O, N, Na, Mg

Na, Mg, N, O, F
What is the correct order of decreasing energy?
gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet light, visibe light, microwaves

True or False

In everyday life, we have no problem in measuring both the velocity and position of objects.

How many energy levels are occupied in an atom of oxygen?
In general, atomic size tends to increase
From top to bottom and from right to left on the periodic table
In general ionization energy tends to increase in the periodic table
from bottom to top and from left to right
In attempting to explain the line spectrum of hydrogen, Bohr suggested that the energy of electrons in atoms is
Wavelength is the
Distance between successive peaks in a wave
How many valence electrons does Ga+ possess?
Frequency is
The number of waves passing a fixed point in one second.
Quantum mechanics addressed the failures of classical mechanics by introducing the concept of wave-particle duality. Why did classical mechanics succeed to explain most of our macroscopic world without this concept?
Macroscopic objects can be modeled purely as particles because their wavelenght is so small compared to their scale that it can be neglected for most purposes and still give a good description of their behavior.

Which color in the rainbow has the shortest wavelength?








How many p electrons does Se(atomic number 34) possess?
The oxygen atom is smaller than the sulfur atom because
The outer orbitals of oxygen are located closer to the nucleus than those of sulfur.
Rank the following atoms and ions Li+, Be2+, He, H, B3+ in order of decreasing size
H, He, Li+, Be2+, B3+
Which of the following species is isoelectronic with Kr?

What is the order of increasing ionization energy?

Lead, cesium, barium

Cesium, Barium, Lead
A line spectrum is to an element as what is to a person?
Rank the following species from smallest to largest atomic radius K, Mg, Rb, Ca
Mg< Ca < K < Rb

True or False

As one obtains the emission spectrum of an atom, electrons must be moving from higher to lower energy levels within the atom.

The energy level model of the atom was proposed by
F is bigger that F because
F has one more electron which causes greater electron repulsions in the outer orbitals, thus expanding the elctron cloud.
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