One Woman Versus America and Hunger

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Delano, writer of “Still Hungry in America,” brings a whole new view on the ideals of hunger right here in America. The persuasive text is about her experiences trying to get people to realize the hunger crisis in their own back yards. Marina also gets into the several federal programs that provide food to hungry children In America that need more support.

She really reaches out to everyone In America whom may be unaware or uneducated on programs being offered to help. Marina wants an acceptance of the fact that this Is real and It Is happening now. Starvation Is no longer Just a foreign countries problem. The way Marina set up this pollen piece Is by time frames. She starts In the sass’s and works her way to the sass’s and here we are still dealing with the Issues that are still relevant with hunger.

The reason the text Is set up this way Is to show how long these issues have been around and how we are still trying to offer programs today to help. Also you get to really understand the work Marina went thru to get these programs out there and make people aware. There are

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several interesting parts of Marina’s text. She said, when testifying before he Senate Subcommittee on Employment, Manpower, and Poverty, “They are starving and someone has to help them. This statement was referring to the Mississippi Delta where Marina brought the Senators to experience for themselves what issues were at hand. Her quote was sad and scary, people were moved and that’s how things began to change. That is what makes this text hard to discern from interesting or persuasive, because the fact that no one will argue the facts on hunger in America. Yet some people may say that Food Stamps and other programs offered by the government are used in ways that abuse those privileges.

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