Oi-361 Week 2

Organizational Impact PaperOI/361
The company that I decided to write about innovation, design and creativity is my current employer Eaton Aerospace. Joseph Eaton founded the Eaton Company over one hundred years ago. Joseph started the Eaton Company by taking his innovative ideas and made improvements to automotive systems, to what Eaton is known for today as one of the leaders in motion control for various markets around the world from automotive to even space.
I am involved in the aerospace division of the Eaton Company. Innovation does have a great impact on strategizing our design and development program. We have a wide variety of engineers working on new projects on a daily basis as well as taking systems and focusing on developing systems that could improve current systems that are on aircraft. Designing the right part is crucial if the company wants to please its customers. In Eaton’s case, from what I am seeing on the floor is that Eaton is taking a step towards the acquisition of the after market parts. Meaning Eaton design team are taking systems already in aircraft and finding ways to improve them by designing a new part or system.
By designing new parts, they can be produced and serviced by Eaton and thus will gain more business for the “upkeep” of all aircraft customer acquisition. Creativity also plays an important part in the strategy because most of the improvements are thought out in the shop floor and changes and improvements are made by what the technicians, like myself, suggest on a daily basis to our design team.
Once all the ideas are collected and the part is finalized and out of the development stage, processes are formulated and the product is then transferred to full production. Our basis of operation or process is we get orders for a certain amount of parts. The planner then sends a bill of material to the stock room and the stock rooms builds the kits; the kits are then allocated to our area where the technicians…