OGT Social Studies Study Guide: Forms of Government

-monarchs gain power through heredity
-Diving Rights: believe that the monarchs were put on the throne by god
-Titles: kings/queens, emperors/empresses, czar/czarina

Absolute Monarchy
monarchs have sole control over government and the people have little to no rights

Limited Monarchy
power of the monarchs limited by constitution and/or parliament and some are figureheads (have no real power)

-usually comes to power through military force
-has absolute power
-when a dictator is removed from power, there is no clear succession
-people have few or no rights

like a dictatorship except a small group rules instead of a single person

-government by the people
-power is limited by the Constitution and regular elections

Direct Democracy
the people directly vote on all matters

Representative (Indirect) Democracy
the people elect representatives to make decisions for them

-no separation of church and state