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Categories for Evaluation: Intellectual Ability Ability in – Oral expression Written expression Determination Motivation for Pre University Study 5 Excellent 4 3 Average 2 Below Average Poor How do you rate the applicant in overall ability and promise in comparison with other students at the same level of training? (Check one of the following) Questionable whether further admission to study is warranted. Qualifications marginal but warrants consideration.

Performance should be up to average of most Sixth Form Applicants. Will perform at a superior level wherever admitted. Will excel in the Advanced level of study. Not able to Judge. Please use the space below (or additional pages if desired) to evaluate further the applicant’s capacity for success in our Pre University (Sixth Form) Programmer. In addition to information already supplied on the front side of the form, your assessment of the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses in the following areas is helpful.

In addition, please specify comment on the applicant’s performance in leadership positions to the best of your ability. It would also be useful for us to know how long, and in what capacity you have known the applicant. 0 Participation in extra-curricular activities Demonstrated leadership capabilities. Ability to adapt to the pressures of Pre-university (Sixth Form) study Signature Date SST.

GEORGE’S COLLEGE 2010 subject options -Lower Sixth Form COURSE OFFERINGS Core Option (Mandatory): Each student will be assigned to a course in option/section Ethics Students must choose ONE subject from at least THREE of the following options, students wishing to select a FOURTH must obtain approval from the Sixth Form Dean ELECTIVES: Pre requisites Students must have a SEC General/Proficiency (or ACE Ordinary level) pass at the grades 1 IA or BOB in the corresponding or qualifying subjects. Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 Chemistry/Literatures in English/ GEMMED/Economics/Spanish Law/Biology/Sociology/Computer Science Mathematics/

Geography/Management of Business/Art & Design/French History/Accounts/Physics/ Information Technology Alternate requirements for specific subjects Subject Computer Science Economics Management of Business Sociology, Law GEMMED (Geometrical, Mechanical, Engineering Drawing) Spanish/French Requirement Information Technology *Mathematics Mathematics + Economics [BOB Principles of Accounts + BOB/Economics Any TWO of the following – English B, Religious Education, History, Geography, Social Studies or Economics Technical Drawing + Mathematics/Physics Spanish/French + English A + English B

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