Off Roading Trip Narrative

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I then proceeded to check all of the internal fluids and did my pre-trip inspection. I then loaded my tools, and spare parts in case of a break down. After all of this was completed, it was time for another cup of coffee and wait for my friend to show up. Once there, we set out to meet the rest of the club at the property we were to explore that day. The meeting spot was already full of club members and their vehicles. Again, It was time for the pre-trip inspections on all vehicles by the club president, this quick Infection Included verifying each vehicle meets the requirements for the property.

Some properties require over a certain size tire, or specific vehicle upgrades, including, lift size, and locking differentials. Once the inspections Fleisher, and we all paid our fee to the property owner, we were then ready to enter the property. We entered the woods through a narrow path that was in the corner of the back yard closest to the owner house. Within the first 5 minutes, all of the vehicles in the convoy were completely covered in mud, and we could still see the house through the entrance of the trail. To say it was difficult terrain to navigate would be an understatement.

There were some trails that were very narrow spots, ND some large ledges that had to be navigated to complete the trail. All in all, it was a great day with a great group of people. There were 5 breakdowns, 10 people who got stuck In mud who had to be pulled out, and 3 trail repairs that were made during the 7 hour excursion. All of this to cover two-and-a-half miles of trail. To this day, I am soul a member of this club, and have had many other trips Like this, and hopefully many more in the future. This essay is about my favorite hobby. How much fun would it be to drive along day. There she sat in all her glory.

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