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In Sophocles “Oedipus the King. ” the construct of destiny was ab initio presented as one that may be defied and avoided through careful planning and analysis. However. as the narrative progressed. destiny in Oedipus’s lens became a strong force that is wholly out of the human custodies. It is a really manipulative and slippery facet of life which finally follows buttocks. no affair how people try to run off from. In the position of Oedipus. destiny played a great function in the events and happenings in his life chiefly when his parents tried to avoid it by directing him out to decease in the wilderness.

It created a Domino consequence of great convulsion and turned Oedipus’ life from one with everything at his disposal to one with non even honour and self-respect to be proud of. Fate and Predestination Fate is typically heard from people who are on the threshold of deceasing or have lost a loved one. In most instances. destiny is used as the principle for the happening of something about unacceptable. It has ever been hard to explicate how people find comfort in believing that other than logical and practical grounds. like human mistakes or feeble-mindedness. some indecent incidents are really meant to go on.

This is why despite the truth that adult male is a rational being and every action has some perceived consequence. people still cleaving to the thought that there is no truth in the claim that adult male is in control of his life. When the incrimination is intolerable. people turn to destine or destiny even without cognizing the two concepts’ true significances ( Shell ) . Most people use the footings destiny and fate interchangeably in the belief that these are one and the same. However. the truth is fate and destiny are two different constructs.

Destiny is that which people are meant to make and go even before birth. It may be likened to a star which persons subconsciously follow in the class of life. On the other manus. destiny is that force which starts to strike hard on one’s head one time one strays from the way of fate. It is the usher which leads back the traveller who gets lost along the manner to the finish ( Shell ) . In the instance of Oedipus and his narrative. it may so be concluded that it is preponderantly controlled by destiny and non destiny. Fate in Oedipus’s Lens

During the ancient times. destiny was besides believed to be the justice in every event in a person’s or a group of persons’ life. No adult male may travel against it. Despite the belief of holding free will. or the unconditioned capacity to make up one’s mind and stir one’s ain life to a different way. destiny will finally win over and carry through what is predestined to adult male. This world may be due to the fact that astonishment may be acquired every clip a prognostication on a certain person is fulfilled. Peoples who are already convinced of the power of visionaries are farther persuaded ( Friedlander ) .

In the instance of Oedipus and his narrative. no persuasion had been necessary particularly in the initial effort to roll from the prognostication. When Laius tried to acquire away from his destiny of deceasing in the custodies of his ain boy. he had his boy killed. However. by the center of the narrative. his attempt was a failure. and he died still in the custodies of Oedipus who so believed that he was the boy of Polybus. King of Corinth ( Sophocles ) . This is non the lone event in the life of Oedipus where destiny took over and decided for him.

Many other incidents pointed to the predestination of Oedipus’ life — from the minute his eyes opened to the twenty-four hours it closed everlastingly. What may be considered as the worst and really affectional is the prognostication that he will. in his life-time. kill his ain male parent and get married his ain female parent. Oedipus tried to hedge this prognostication. but he failed. Oedipus finally killed his biological male parent. Laius. and married his ain female parent. Jocasta ( Sophocles ) . As with what happened to King Laius. the effort to withstand fate began a ripple consequence non merely in the life of Oedipus but besides to the people environing him.

It affected besides Jocasta who. from excessively much guilt upon larning that she went to bed with her ain boy. committed self-destruction. It besides disturbed the peace and prosperity of the land of Thebes. which was plagued due to the being of immorality and incest in the really castle of the male monarch. Most of all. the failed rebellion against destiny changed the hereafter of Oedipus’ kids ( Sophocles ) . Decision From what may be seen from the events narrated in Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King. ” it may be found that destiny. through Oedipus’s lens. was ab initio something that may be defied or rebelled against.

In the beginning of the narrative. in the position of Oedipus. the prognostication that he will kill his ain male parent and get married his female parent may be escaped through go forthing his hometown. without cognizing that this was really the action that led to the fulfilment of his fate. Thereafter. destiny in Oedipus’ position changed into one which. like a king’s order. may ne’er be broken and defied. It became such and it had taken its toll on the life of the supporter particularly as he tried to acquire off from it. It merely created a Domino consequence of indecent incidents and absolutely changed the class of life non merely of Oedipus but besides of the people around him.

It turned a blessing into a bad luck. This lone suggests that the more a individual tries to claim that he or she has control over his or her life. the more destiny makes itself known to him or her. Works Cited Friedlander. Ed. “Enjoying ‘Oedipus the King’ by Sophocles. ” Pathguy. com. 2005. 5 June 2009. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. pathguy. com/oedipus. htm # predestination & gt ; . Shell. J. “Fate or Destiny. ” 2006. orderofthewhitelion. com. 5 June 2009. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. orderofthewhitelion. com/Karma @ /Fate. fate. hypertext markup language & gt ; . Sophocles. “Oedipus Rex Summary by Pages. ” Scribd. com. 2009. 5 June 2009. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. scribd. com/doc/408290/Oedipus-Rex-Summary-by-pages & gt ; .

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