nutrition//sq chapter 6

Question Answer
digestion of protein within the stomach begins with the enzyme pepsin
what molecule is a protein that provides structural support to body tissues? collagen
what state of nitrogen balance is a pregnant woman typically in? positive nitrogen balance
the average adult should consume how many grams o protein for each kilogram of body weight? 0.8
an overweight individual's protein needs are not much greater than those of a normal weight person of a similar height
proteins that act as a biological catalyst and speed up chemical reactions are enzymes
a diet that is too high in protein can increase the risk for osteoporosis, kidney stones, heart disease
the biggest risk for vegetarians is not consuming enough vitamin b12
the absorption of amino acids occurs in the small intestine
amino acids are joined together by which kind of bond? peptide bond
the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) takes into account both the amino acid profile and the … of a protein digestibility
a starving person would be in … nitrogen balance negative
when a diet i chronically low in both proteins and calories, the condition is called PEM
AMDR for protein 10-35%
how many calories per gram of protein? 4
the nitrogen removed from an amino acid generates ammonia, which is converted to … and excreted in the urine urea
all excess calories are stored as fat
the condition characterized by a severe deficiency of calories is known as marasmus
the molecule that directs protein synthesis in cells is dna
an amino acid that can be synthesized in the body is considered to be nonessential
during periods of starvation, the carbon skeletons of amino acids are used for energy and for gluconeogenesis t/f true
numerous research studies have shown that bones lose calcium when a person's diet is too high in protein t/f true
vitamin a is found only in animal foods, but vegetarians can meet their needs by consumed beta-carotene t/f true
consuming too much of any one amino acid in protein supplements can impede absorption of other amino acids in the intestinal tract t/f true
when amino acids are broken down, they lose their amine group t/f true
isoflavones are weak estrogens that naturally occur in plants t/f true
proteins that bind to and neutralize pathogens in your body are called antibodies t/f true
enzymes are biological catalysts that slow down reactions t/f false

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