nutrition//sq chapter 5

Question Answer
the 2 essential fatty acids are linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid
what type of lipoprotein contains the highest percentage of protein? hdl
a fatty acid that has a single double bond is called a monounsaturated fatty acid
what is correct when regarding trans fat? their consumption raises ldl levels and lowers hdl levels
what are benefits associated with omega-3 fatty acids? prevention of an irregular heart beat, lowering of blood pressure, reduction of atherosclerosis
which lipids contain a glycerol backbone? phospholipids, triglycerides, monoglycerides
what actions have a large impact on ldl cholesterol level? saturated fat intake, trans fat intake
what is true about phytosterols? they are found naturally in many vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds, they compete with cholesterol for absorption in the intestinal tract, they are found in plant cell membranes
what is the most effective what to improve hdl cholesterol levels? engage in routine excercise
what food provides the majority of fat in the Mediterranean diet? olive oil and olives
the current AMDR recommendation for fat in the American diet is 20-35%
what raises hdl cholesterol? losing weight, quitting smoking, getting regular exercise
fat is the common name for… triglycerides
what is a major component of cell membranes? sterols
what is produced by hydrogenating an unsaturated fatty acid? a trans fatty acid
more women in the US die each year from breast cancer than from heart disease t/f false
lecithin and bile are examples of emulsifiers t/f true
long-chained fatty acids are not absorbed into the blood stream directly and must be transported by carriers called chylomicrons t/f true
the heart, liver, and resting muscles prefer fat as their fuel source t/f true
unsaturated fatty acids are liquid at room temperature because they pack together more tightly than saturated fatty acids t/f true
fat-free versions of cookies always have fewer calories than their full-fat counterparts t/f false
high blood cholesterol levels can be partly determined by your genetic makeup true
the primary risk factor for heart disease is an elevated ldl cholesterol level t/f true
eating an egg a day may not be associated with an increased risk of heart disease in healthy individuals t/f true
dha and epa are omega-6 fatty acids that are found in fish and are protective against heart disease and stroke t/f false
lipids that are liquid at room temperature are called oils t/f true
3 types of lipids triglyceride, phospholipids, steroids
emulsifier disperses fat in water
components of a phospholipids 2 fatty acids with phosphorus containing molecule
why is it unnecessary to consume cholesterol made in the liver
4 roles of fat in the body cushion, insulation, energy reserve, carry vitamins A, D, E, and K

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