Nut 221 Test #4 Nutrition

Question Answer
What are age appropriate foods based on? digestion and safety
When is whole milk recommended? between the ages of 1 and 2
When are solid foods introduced? 4-6 months old
Honey should not be given to __________ due to risk of ___________. children/babies, botulism
What is the only beverage that should be allowed between meals? water
How should grapes and hot dogs be cut? Why? quarters, to make a point which can be dislodged during choking
Children should be supervised during eating between what ages? 0-5
Children have a good sense of ___________? hunger/fullness
Food should NOT be used as a ___________ _________. behavioral tool
Mealtime should be a __________ experience with ____________ ___________. positive, limited distractions
What influences children's food preferences? peers and guardians
Screen time should be limited to how many hours a day? 2 hours
Children should not work on ____________ weight but on ___________it. losing, stabilizing
How many pounds does it look like a person has lost if they have a growth spurt of 2 1/2 inches? 12.5
How many servings of fruits and vegetables is ideal per day? 5 servings
How many hours of physical activity per day should we strive for? 1 hour
Do most allergies in children under the age of 3 last forever? No
Between what ages is diet the worst in the lifespan? 11-16 years
What do teenagers commonly lack in their diets? iron and calcium
Children born in what year have a shorter life expectancy than the previous generation? 2000
When did school lunches begin having quality standards? 1940
What percentage of RDA requirements are school lunches responsible for? 1/3
__________ foods are becoming more common in cafeterias? branded
In what year did vending machine rules change? 2008
What was the maximum amount of calories allowed in vending machine snacks after 2008? 200 calories
What is the real weight gain in the freshman 15? 3-4 pounds
What is the current average life expectancy in the U.S.? 76 years old
What are the main factors that affect the rate of aging? genetics, environment/free radical theory, lifestyle
What are the age ranges for the two geriatric categories of RDA? 51-70, 70+
What does "DETERMINE" stand for? D- disease, E-eating poorly, T-tooth loss, E-economic hardship, R-reduced social contact, M-multiple medications, I- involuntary weight loss/gain, N- needs assistance in self care E- elder years above 80
What does NHANES stand for? Which version focused on the elderly? National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, NHANES II
What are the 2 major components of nutritional risk for the elderly? Living arrangements and fixed income
What year were the Nutrition Programs for Older Americans formed? 1973
What programs fall under Nutrition Programs for Older Americans? Meals on Wheels, Adult Day cares and Senior Citizen Centers
Why does diabetes get more common with age? older/slower pancreas
What percentage of elderly with hip fractures die within the first year? ` 24%
What foods can make arthritis flare up? dairy/grains (oat/wheat/rye)/preservatives/nitrates/shrimps
What food can help with arthritis? fish oil
What major things change with the aging process? Thirst, BMR, Tastes/Preferences/Lean Muscle Mass
What is food security? having enough food to eat without a doubt even into the future; uneven distribution can be a challenge
What is food insecurity? not enough food, has begun to affect overall physical health; determined by the risk factors
What are the risk factors for food insecurity? Land, Climate, Water, Population, Politics, War, Disease, Honey Bees
What are some potential solutions for world hunger? specified crops, sustainable foods, transportation/ education/ distribution
What plant food has the same amount of protein as an egg? quinoa
What are some ways to help with sustainability? Recycling, Meatless Mondays, Supporting local farmers
What is the order of carbon footprints for a car, pepperoni pizza, TV, IPhone, pencil, cheeseburger, beer, orange juice, water bottle, and tea/coffee? Car (97,000)> Pepperoni Pizza (420) > TV (269)>IPhone (131)> Pencil (74)> Cheeseburger > 6-pack Beer > ? Gallon Orange Juice > Water Bottle > Tea/Coffee
What has made a wide variety of foods available for us? improved transportation, global growing season, improved packaging
What are some benefits of proper packaging? food remains moist and microwaving helps preserve nutrients
What does it mean if a food is considered fresh? It has not been completely cooked nor has it been frozen
Why are antibiotics used in our food supply? To make more, fatter animals which may lead to new strains of bacteria
Why is human growth hormone added to milk? Where is it found/regulated? to increase milk production, it is in the milk supply and does NOT have regulations by the FDA
Which foods are best to buy as organic? Foods that you eat the whole thing
Where does bacteria thrive? Cool, moist, dark places with lots of oxygen and food
What is the danger zone? 40-140 F
What is the difference between a food-borne infection and a food-borne illness? A food-borne infection has an incubation time of 12 hours to 5 days while a food-borne illness appears within 30 minutes to 8 hours
What does GRAS stand for? Generally Recognized as Safe
What was the Delaney Clause? No carcinogens can be added to the food supply?
What is food irradiation? a way to destroy bacteria that can destroy the quality of the food
Where do most problems with food handling occur? at home
What are some tips for grocery shopping safety? Do not purchase items that have been torn/ripped

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