Nursing Organizations and Their Influence

American Nurses association
largest professional nursing organization in the world. supports political parties and endorses candidates.
Nurses associated Alumnae of the United states& Canada
Organization that eventually became th American Nurses Association.
ANA position of 1965
committee recomended that the minimal preperation for technical nurses an associates degree and for professional nurses a baccalaureate degree.
American Nurses Credentialing Center
provides certification for nurses.
Capital Update
a monthly ANA newsletter. includes information about current issues addressed in congress.
Collective bargaining
involves negotiations between organized workers and their employers for the purpose of reaching an agreement.
United American Nurses
the largest labor union for registered nurses in the US. bargaining unit for the ANA
ANA social party statement
defination of nursing and scope of nursing practice.
American Academy of Nursing
its official journal is the American Journal of Nursing.
Nuring Outlook
offical journal of the American Academy of Nursing
American Nurses Foundation
national philanthropic organization that supports, coordinates, and funds nursing research and disseminates pertinet research findings.
National Student Nurses Association
organization for student nurses. has a bill of rights for its members.
journal is Imprint
National Stutent Nurses Association
Sigma Theta Tau International
a national honor society for nurses
Image: The Journal of Nuring Scholarship
Sigma Theta Tau International
National League for Nursing
produces standardized exams to help students prepare for state boards
american Society of Superintendents of Training schools of Nurses
founders: Isabel Hampton, Lavinia Dock, and Adelaide Nutting.
first organization for nursing in the US, formed in 1893
american Society of Superintendents of Training schools of Nurses
National League for Nursing Education
first named american Society of Superintendents of Training schools of Nurses. 1959 it combined with two others to form this
National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
accredits postsecondary and higher degree nursing programs, including LPN or LVN and associates degree programs.
to credit or favor, to authorize or give credentials to.
Nursing Education Perspectives
a journal of the National League for Nursing
NLN Update
is a offficial newsletter and is published bi-weekly.
National Council of State Boards of Nursing
is concerned about uniform standards for nursing examinations, education, and practice.
NCSBN. might facilitate mutual recognition of nursing credentials by state nursing boards.
International Council of Nurses
is a federation of national nurses associations that represent nurses in 120 countries.
Ethel Gordon Fenwick
founded International Council of Nurses
International Nursing Reveiw
ICN. considered the worlds first international nursing journal, established in 1927
American Association of Colleges of Nursing
membership is open to deans and directors of baccalaureate nursing programs.
Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
accredits baccalaureate through graduate degree programs but not associates degree programs.
National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing
advocates for associate degree nursing education and associate degree graduate nurses.
American Organization of Nurse Excutives
aimed at nurses who design, facilitate and manage care.
defines nursing and the scope of practice
American Nurses Association
official journal is American Journal of Nursing.
Nursing Knowledge International
Sigma Theta Tau web site
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