Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Related to Pain Management

Which vital signs could be part of an objective pain assessment?
Blood pressure and heart rate
A child with moderate-to-severe headache related to a concussion tells his nurse that he cannot concentrate in school. He has been treated for nine months for concussion symptoms and reports that he sleeps eight hours each night. Which is the most appropriate nursing diagnosis for this patient?
Ineffective Coping
A patient asks the nurse if his pain medication can be decreased because he is tired of feeling drowsy and would like to resume golfing. Which nursing diagnosis is evidenced in this case?
Readiness for Enhanced Comfort
The nurse provides a patient with a pain assessment scale. The patient reports a pain level at 8 of 10. What does the nurse know is true regarding this statement?
This is a subjective pain assessment
Following abdominal surgery, the nurse assesses her patient for pain. Which is true regarding pain assessment?
Dull or aching pain is a subjective finding

– A nurse cannot see dull or aching. The patient must have reported this

Which health care professional would the nurse most likely collaborate with to care for an athlete who experiences occasional stress, and muscle pain before or after sports?
Massage therapist
Which duty can the nurse delegate to the UAP to care for a patient who is experiencing pain?
Darken the room and listen to the patient
The nurse is taking care of a patient who is prescribed pain medication and anxiety medication. The lowest pain rating the patient reports during the shift is 7 of 10 on a 0 to 10 numeric pain rating scale. With whom should the nurse collaborate to offer non-pharmacologic therapies to the patient?
Music therapist

Massage therapist

Physical therapist

Art therapist

The nurse is helping a patient set goals related to pain. The patient requests for the pain to decrease from 8 of 10 to 2 of 10 on a 0 to 10 numeric scale three days after surgery. Which goal will the nurse identify for the patient?
An adult female patient who has had knee surgery states she is eager to begin walking her dog again. Her pain has reduced and she wants to resume exercise time with her pet in one week. What type of goal will the nurse identify for this patient?
Which is most indicative of chronic pain that is not improving?
The patient is unable to perform daily hygiene
Which is an objective pain assessment for a post-operative patient with acute pain?

– is a sign of acute pain

Which are signs of pain in a 12-year-old child who fell off of a horse and has a fractured spleen?
Systolic blood pressure of 140 mm Hg at rest

Heart rate of 125 beats per minute at rest

Respiratory rate of 24 breaths per minute at rest

Patient has a facial grimace

Which interventions involve the collaboration of a primary care provider, nurse, and pharmacist when caring for a patient with pain from an injury to an extremity?
Administration of acetaminophen/oxycodone (Percocet)
What do massage therapists and music therapists have in common?
The offer non-pharmacologic therapies
Performing daily activities with a pain of 3 of 10 one week after starting an analgesic is what type of pain management goal?

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