NUR 280 Leadership / Management

assumes the role, and inspires others to help fulfill the mission
The ability to elicit a vision & inspire people to do what it takes to bring the vision into reality
implements the role by completing many of the tasks associated w/ the role; responsible or carrying out the goals of the organization within the scope of practice for your unit
is the process of effectively working with people
Time Management
items placed in chronological order , documentation important
Graduate Nurse
Providing care for a group of patients
Affecting time
physician orders, scheduled meds, new orders, pt, delegating to CNA/LPN
Leading / Managing
Essential components of nursing practice
Functions of Management
Nursing Process: Planning, Organizing, Directing, Controlling
Traditional Theory
Heiarchy, Highest level of productivity, Chain of Command, Efficient & Clear, By the Book
Systems Theory
Considers input from others, Transitional of Material , Output; Consideration to the impact on all individuals
Motivational & Contingency Theory
support, guide and keep focused on goal; know possibilities or potential consequences of making a potential decision
High Relationship – Low Task
allows the group to make its own decisions; to be accepted by the group, sacrifices task resolution completes task self
High Task – Low Relationship
Manager does ALL planning, no regard to group; Gives orders without question, Verbal Abuse
High Relationship – High Task
Actively communicates, Constructive Direction, Resolves Conflicts, Creative / Effective Solutions
Low Relationship – Low Task
Laizze Fair, uninvolved, No communication, Tasks NOT accomplished
Behavior Theory
Human interaction / productivity
Authoritarian Approach, achieve single goal, makes ALL decisions, Most effective in Crisis
Team approach; leader has final say so; supportive, Responsible for final outcome, Autocracy & Laissez-faire; A LOT of COMMUNICATION
Passive, little direction, allows for delegation; works well with motivated / committed staff
Rule of delegation
can’t ask for the responsibility back once the task has been delegated.
Possess as a Nurse
Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez-Faire—blend of all 3
Med-Surg Nurse $
Critical Care Nurse $
Taught / Developed in individual
Contingency Theory
flexible leadership; adapting to various situations
Situational Leadership
to situation being addressed, assesses situation based on influence, differ styles leadership / differ employees; evolved from Contingency Theory
Interactional Leadership
Democratic, Trust, Views tasks as a team member
Transactional Leader
vision of the future, influential, seeks equilibrium, intervenes when goal not attained; based on rewards / punishment
relies on input to create goals and standards, staff have stock / ownership, American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Magnet; Focuses on outcome
Legitimate, Reward, Coercive, Expert, Informational, Referent, Leadership
position of authority
Fear of Consequences
knowledge possesses to function effectively
liked by others
create order
Communication Primary Factor
Improve Verbal Communication
Limiting Telephone Orders, Banning Verbal Orders, Hand off forms standardized
Transcribing Written Order
Read Order, Interpret Order, Enter Order, Correct?, Signed off?
Paper Order
Send to Pharmacy, Write Order in MAR, Trough Level?, Check Order for Accuracy, if IV access, prepare Piggyback tubing & administer the med
No Interruption
While Passing meds & Shift report
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