NUFS- Biotechnology/Integrated Pest Management

What is biotechnology?
Any technique that uses living organisms or parts of organisms to make or modify a product OR to improve an organism for a specific use
What is Genetic engineering?
Manipulation on molecular or genetic level (DNA) to transfer specific genes
What are some advantages to biotechnology?
• Precision – only transfer genes that code for the characteristics you are interested in
• Speed – Can involve distantly-related organisms
o tomato and fish!
o Strawberries and fish
o Prevent frost
Know a few examples of genetic engineering
• Medicine (Insulin, Decreased allergic response)
• Food Processing (Chymosin/rennet (cheese), Delayed ripening, “Flavr-Savr” tomato)
Which 3 agencies are responsible for regulation of biotechnology?
• Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
• U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
• Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
What are some of the environmental& ethical issues/concerns with biotechnology?
• Environmental
o Becoming ineffective
o Outcrossing
• Safety
o Unintentional change in nutrient content
o Unintended changes to DNA
o Allergenic potential
What are some ethical issues with biotechnology?
o Consumer Ignorance and lack of knowledge
o Distrust in the ability of the gov’t in regulating food biotechnology appropriately
o Religious Concerns
o To label or not to label
What is Integrated pest management (IPM)?
Management of pests using a combination of natural and biological controls rather than the indiscriminate application of pesticides
What is IPM’s philosophy? What are some of the techniques it employs?
• The goal is not eradication, but instead to manage the “pests”
• Pesticides as a last resort
• Techniques: crop rotation, biological control, increase natural resistance, genetic engineering
What are some of the challenges to IPM? What can we do to ensure its success?
• Must be custom-developed for each farm
• Farmers must continually monitor
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